Simple Snowmen

Simple Snowmen

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - What to do with pom poms and hats | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)  If you’ve been following along the past few weeks and staying crafty with me, you have a predicament on your hands like I do above: TONS of pretty little poms poms and yarn hats.

I showed you how easy it was to whip up a bunch of these poms with an easy pom pom making tool and some free ways to make poms as well.  You made a ton didn’t you?  Do any garland making with them?

Well, if you haven’t used all your pom poms for garland and all the yarn hats haven’t been hung on the tree yet, I have a fun craft for you!

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - 3 pom poms and a hat |Sarah Celebrates

Here is what you will need:

  • white poms poms in 3 sizes
  • yarn hats
  • yarn that matches your hats
  • needle
  • small pom poms (the store bought fuzzy ones for eyes)
  • yarn or felt for scarves

Ready? Set? Go!

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - String largest pom pom|Sarah Celebrates

Thread your needle (doubled yarn) and string the largest pom pom.

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - String middle pom pom |Sarah Celebrates

String the mid-sized pom pom on your yarn.

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - String smalest pom pom |Sarah Celebrates

String the smallest pom pom onto your yarn.

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - String hat |Sarah CelebratesYarn Snowmen With Hats - String hat thru top |Sarah Celebrates

String the hat up through the center.

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - Push pieces together |Sarah Celebrates

Stand you little guy up and admire him for a second.  Scrunch the pieces together to make him a little more sturdy.

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - Snip yarn from needle |Sarah Celebrates

Snip your needle off the top. leaving tails to knot.  I’m sure there is a better way to do this part (the stringing) but I just jumped right in…

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - Snipped |Sarah Celebrates


Yarn Snowmen With Hats - Tie strings to secure hat | Sarah Celebrates

Tie the snipped stringing ends.  A few knots should do.  Pulling too hard on your snowman could pull him apart, be gentle

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - Tie strings to secure hat, bottom |Sarah Celebrates

Knot the tails on the bottom too.

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - Snip ends |Sarah Celebrates

Snip, snip, snip.

Yarn Snowmen With Hats - Snowmen all dolled up |Sarah Celebrates

Glue on some pom pom eyes, add a little scarf (strip of felt or braided yarn) and he’s all set to hang with the rest of the holiday decor!

These guys are now ready to hangout in a display, be added to a package or hung on the tree.  Remember, a good tug could pull these guys apart.  I’ll work on a good securing method and keep you updated.  Enjoy!

This crafty goodness is out partying!  See where I link up here.

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  1. These guys are adorable. I’m pinning it to my never ending list of cool decoration ideas!

    1. =) All credit goes to my niece. I was making pom poms one night and her thought was “You could make snowmen out of these and totally give them as gifts”. Guess what she’s getting ;)

  2. Hi I’m Sharon visiting fro How To Get Organized At Home and I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for visiting and linking up with my party. These little snowmen are awesome I am so going to make these, they are so easy too, thank you for sharing.

    1. =) My niece gave me the idea to make them and give them as gifts. I told her to guess what she was getting ;)

  3. i loved the hats you made…and then to add them to this..genius! Shared! Thanks for linking up at Totally Terrific Tuesday! I cant wait to see what the new year brings for you!

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