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52 Lists 2015, loving life one list at a time | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)

I was so excited the day my Studio L2E stamps came I knew it had to be my next list!  Here’s how it went down…

I was perusing Instagram one day and there were these AWESOME planner stamps by Studio L2E on (SSS).  I had to have them.  Alas, so did everyone else and they were sold out.  Sad dot com =(  So I did what any normal, craft supply, planner crazed person would do and signed up to get an email when they came back in stock.

Two $14.99 stamps sets.  Two.  That’s all I signed up for. Promise.

Welp, the ‘back in stock’ emails came and seven stamp sets and $98 later here we are!  I had to snag some other sets.  What if I decided I needed them and they too went out of stock?  What then?

Planner and craft supply friends, you feel my pain…

52 Lists 2015 - List 11 - New Stamps by Studio L2E | Sarah Celebrates

The Studio L2E stamp sets I purchased were:

  1. Work Plans
  2. Labels & Tabs Sentiments
  3. List It
  4. Right Here Right Now
  5. I Am
  6. Plan It
  7. Beautiful Life

Let me say, I cannot live without them now.  Not that I have used them yet… but my life would not be the same without them.  Yeah, I’m being dramatic.

A few of my favorites are pictured.  There just wasn’t enough room for them all.  I also added the cute postcard from SSS to enable my stamp problems and have all the brands they offer at a glance.

52 Lists 2015 - List 11 - New Stamps by Studio L2E, hydrate | Sarah Celebrates
I’m a terrible stamper, hence the smudged HYDRATE and glasses.

What have you received/purchased lately that you CANNOT live without?

Be sure to check out The List of Lists, updated weekly, to keep up on my #52Lists2015 and find some ideas for your own list series!

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    1. OMG, I can’t stand how cute they are. I just sit and look at them all every now and then. I wish I was exaggerating…

  1. Cute! I’m making my own stickers for my planners now. I haven’t thought of selling them. I don’t think I will. I might stop and grab some of these though. Cute! Thanks for sharing.

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