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Hello there =)

I told you it was coming and here it is!  Welcome to my first attempt at creating artist trading cards!  If you recall from Coming to Sarah Celebrates in 2016, artist trading cards (ATCs) are baseball card sized pieces of art.  The compact size makes them very trade-able and easy to make hundreds of.

These are very basic ATCs… there are hopes and aspirations of creating more elaborate ones in the future.  I have a pin saved that is very mixed media heavy that I’m drooling over and need to create myself.  With fancier ATCs my journey in craft videos will begin.  Oh so fancy!

ATCs, Valentines Artist Trading Cards #MixedMedia #atcs

I do apologize.  The first few times I show these there probably won’t be in progress photos, just the finished product.  I will break down the items used in each card and link to supplies or have a supply list at the bottom.  I’m sprinkling links throughout for this post =)

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You need a base card to begin your ATCs.  Any card or paper 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches will do: card-stock, a playing card, you can even buy pre-made ATC base cards.

If you have a hoard of 12×12 card stock and decorative paper, this pin shows you how to cut it for the best bang for your buck when creating base cards.

Wire Heart

I love all five of these ATCs but this one is my favorite.  It was super simple.  Floral paper, heart stamp and a copper colored wire heart. Valentines Artist Trading Cards - Wire Heart #MixedMedia #atcs

To make the heart I cut a length of wire, pinched the bottom to a point, curved the top of the heart around my fingers and twisted the excess down the center.  I affixed to the card with my newest favorite craft supply Dimensional Magic by Pod Modge.

This adhesive not only sticks things down but gives your projects glass-like sheen and dimension.  I’m finding out now this may be better used with my smaller inchie projects I have coming up… But I still love the way it looks!

Quirky Cork

I am so in love with cork?  How about you?  I found Valentine’s themed cork stickers in the Valentines Artist Trading Cards - cork love #MixedMedia #atcsdollar bins at either Michael’s or Target.  Sorry, I don’t remember which one.  They’re right next to each other and I do some wallet damage buying craft supplies in both.  Back to back, usually.

The lacy-like paper was a part of a wedding themed cardstock stack.  It’s hard to see but I swiped some purple distress ink along the edges (dusty concord, I think?), followed by a kiss in the corner.

Love You

I like this card, I do, but it needs some more love.  I just don’t know what.

Same lacy paper, just positioned differently, and same purple ink but with a heart stamp.  I found wood accent stickers in the Target Dollar Spot (that I remember correctly) and stuck one over the heart stamp.  Hence, you can’t see a heart stamp.  I bet you thought I was crazy for a minute.

And that was how that card sat for days.Valentines Artist Trading Cards - Love you, purple and gold #MixedMedia #atcs

Scouring through all my embellishments, I found an acrylic, dimensional sticker.  It was purple, said ‘love you’ and so it was stuck on.

Sweet PinkValentines Artist Trading Cards - Flower love #MixedMedia #atcs

This ATC is full of shades of pink and texture.

I used the same floral paper from the Wire Heart card, couldn’t help it; love that paper.  Texture paste mixed with pink gelato shavings and some playing around with a pallet knife created the ruffled edge.

I scrounged up some embellishments: a metal word, paper flower and rhinestone.  A heart stamp with Worn Lipstick distress ink completed the look.

Cherished Heart

This ATC began with the lacy-like paper for a base like my cork and love you ones.  The texturing paste came back with a melon shade to create the heart focal point.  The words are from my Chit Chat word stickers by Jim Holtz.

Valentines Artist Trading Cards - Cherish Every Day #MixedMedia #atcs

I am absolutely smitten with the Worn Lipstick distress ink, so another kiss stamp and some edging happened.  I quickly outlined the words with a distress marker in Picked Raspberry.

I have to say, not bad for my first attempt!  Now to tuck one in my love’s briefcase with some sweet nothings written on the back =)

The Valentine’s fun doesn’t end there!  I’ve joined up with 7 other lovely ladies today to share and inspire some Valentine’s creativity.  Stop by each one of their blogs today to check out their Valentine’s inspiration.

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  1. I’m loving the love! Cork is so tactile and I think that’s part of the reason it’s so appealing. The first time a saw cork tree I was just blown away.

    1. oohhh, I’m jealous! I’d love to see a cork tree. I scooped up a bag of cork circles just because they were 70% off. I’ll find something to do with them

  2. You’re so creative! I love the idea of artist trading cards. It would be fun to make these to hand out at craft shows instead of regular business cards.

    1. Thank you Mary! They were supposed to all look pretty similar, like a set.. .but I got a little off track

  3. I love these cards! So cool and such a fun way to make Valentines to keep or share. Each is unique but all should be easy to make, another great bonus :) thanks for sharing!

  4. Love all of them Sarah, but my favorite is gonna be the Sweet Pink, love that ruffled edge in contrast with the smooth of the flower! So much creativity on all of them though… if this is your first attempt I can’t imagine the beauties you’ll do with more experience!

  5. Cute trading cards! As a fellow crafter I enjoyed seeing all the little details and saw some new products I haven’t gotten to try yet.

    1. Thank you very much! I had fun making them. It was a great way to get use out of my wedding card stock stack

  6. I love the Valentine trading cards, they are so pretty! Thanks for hosting the fun party!

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