Coming To Sarah Celebrates in 2016

Coming to Sarah Celebrates in 2016

Hello there =)

The new year has energized me, physically and creatively.  Lots of big ideas I’d like to get going.  Thought I’d let you know what was in store to get you equally excited, but partly to hold myself to it ;)

I’m forever finding new creative outlets, from new crafts to craft rooms to blog design, it’s a never ending roller coaster of creativity.  And I want it all!  Pinterest is no help either.  Rotten enabler…

So I made myself a small-ish list of HUGE things I’d like to accomplish creatively in 2016 and I’m taking you along for the ride!  Ready?

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Mixed Media Art

I took a class at Michael’s in September with my mom on the many ways you can use gelatos.  We played with gelato crayons (markers? pens? what are they?), multiple kinds of  paper, gel medium and a few other trinkets.

Oh. Em. Gee!Coming to Sarah Celebrates in 2016

Artwork using a few types of crafting things at once?  Hoarding Keeping items that I’d normally toss to incorporate into a piece of art?  Why have I not done this sooner?  Well, that bug bit and here are some mixed media arts and crafts coming your way:

  • art journaling
  • greeting cards
  • artist trading cards (ATC’s)
  • inchies

The last 2, ATC’s and inchies, are what I’ve been advised by some art journalers to start with to get over the fear of creating random art.  Yes, I’m nervous about doing this mixed media art, it goes against my word of the year, simplicity, and how I usually craft (simply).

ATC’s, short for Artist Trading Cards, are small works of art about the size of a traditional baseball card.  There are tons of groups (enablers) that do swaps and share their work with each other.  Inchies are tiny pieces of art measuring one inch by one inch.I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and dive right into the world of mixed media art and art journaling.  My wallet is already feeling the effects.  I may even venture into making a video or two on these… Ooh, fancy!

More Travelers Notebooks posts

Do you ever check out my sidebar and look at the Must Reads (Picked By You!) section?  The posts that Coming Soon - More Travelers Notebook postsget visited the most show up there; they truly are picked by you!  Most of the time all 5 of my traveler’s notebook related posts pop up.  I got the hint.

You love traveler’s notebooks, I love traveler’s notebooks so we should have more posts about them.

On it!

Craft Room Re-do?

When I moved in with my boyfriend I took over a quarter of the basement with my “office”.  It was a mess of a space that had my computer and piles of craft supplies.  Then I shifted to a different quarter of the basement.  I don’t remember why… more room? Who knows.

Coming Soon - Craft Room Redo
There’s so much potential!!

After some water mishaps in the basement, we’ve decided it was best to move me and my craftiness to the upstairs (2nd floor) bedroom.  Now I get walls I can hang things on!  YES!  I’m so excited to have a blank slate of a room I can set up and organize.  Beyond giddy.  Of course, I’ll take you all through the before and after.

Do you see those built in drawers?  That’s just one set of two!  Storage galore!

But first,  there’s the hurdle of clearing it out of other crap I own…

Resource Libraries

I want to be your go to for everything you’re looking for!  Ok, maybe not everything… but a lot of things.  So I decided to start making The Ultimate Resource Library.  These will be pages full of posts, images, tips & tricks and other (non-Sarah Celebrates) resources that I love and rely on in my blogging and crafty life.

I’ve been gathering ideas and getting the ball rolling for some of these topics:

  • Blogging
  • Traveler’s Notebooks
  • Link Up Parties (a library within the blogging library)
  • Freshwater aquariums (I dabble in fish keeping)

It may not roll out this year, but I’m going to try =)  Do you have anything that should be apart of one of these Ultimate Resource Libraries?  Or an idea for another library of resources? Let me know!

A New Look

With a new craft room on the horizon, I got to thinking about my blog.  I love my little slice of the internet but I’m not quite satisfied with how it looks from time to time.  I’m toying with the idea of getting a blog makeover.  It won’t be anything crazy, some new accent colors and logo perhaps.  I do have a new menu bar in the works… The layout of the home page will probably be a little different.

I think I need a fun post sign off too…

But fear not!  I’ll warn you before I do it and even give you a little walk through after.  It should be fairly simple and straight forward.  I hope you like it!

That just about wraps it up!

Lots of creativity coming our way.  I’m very excited about what’s coming, I hope you are too!

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