2016 Word of the Year

2016 Word of the Year - Simplicity

Happy New Year!

Hello there =)

Are you celebrating with loved ones tonight?  Have fun and please be safe!

A new year means new years resolutions.  In 2015, I jumped on the Word of the Year bandwagon.  A word of the year is like a resolution but more broad; one word that you make the focus of all you do.  My 2015 word was calm.  I didn’t know how I’d get there but I knew I needed it.

It took me until late 2015 to finally achieve my calm.  From late summer through the fall I was having constant headaches due to stress.  Long story short, I figured out that one of my other business ventures was the source of this stress, so I decided to close up shop after nearly four years.  My health and sanity were worth it.

Onto bigger, better and calmer things in 2016!  AND a new word =)

2016 Word of the Year - Simplicity


Simple, simplify, simplicity.  Easy to do or understand.  Anyway you put it, I like it.  In my life, I’m trying to simplify the physical things to make less be more.

  • Wardrobe basics
  • Kitchen essentials
  • Minimize decor; clean lines and only cherished items
  • Relationships; quality over quantity
  • Workouts and nutrition

I’ve been able to clear so much clutter in my head this past year finding my calm, it’s time for the tangible parts of my life to reflect the same.

Where I am NOT going simple and actively trying to break away from it is my craft life.  I need to let my inner artist out to play.  There are so many creative bits and baubles out there I’m dying to try but my mental inability to let myself be messy love of simple crafting gets in the way.

Don’t worry, there will still be quick and easy 30 minute crafts!  I have to do those, otherwise there’d be no crafts here ever ;)  But there is so much more creativity out there I need to dip my toes into.  Will you come on that adventure with me?

I can’t wait to get going on living a more simplified life.  The car is loaded up with a bunch of stuff I don’t need to donate as I type.  You have to start some where, right?

Have you crafted a word of the year for 2016?  Do share!

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