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How far back can you remember?  Your teens?  Eight or 9?  Even earlier?  I can recall several childhood memories as clear as day, some are painful but most are full of smiles.  I’d like to share those with you today, the happy ones ;)

Favorite Childhood Memories

#52Lists2015 List 16

#52Lists2015 List 16 - Favorite Childhood Memories | Sarah Celebrates

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  • Big Wheel Car Wash – Are you an 80’s child?  Did you have a Big Wheel growing up?  Are they still popular with kids…?  Anywho, all the kids in my neighborhood (myself included) had one.  My dad built us a car wash for those hot days when the wheels and our active kid bodies needed cooling down.  Some 2×4’s with a holey garden hose stapled to the wood made for hours of summer fun.  Maybe I’ll find a picture of it someday…
  • Soapy Wheelbarrow Rides – Another neighborhood summer favorite brought to you by my dad =)  He’d fill up a wheelbarrow with soapy water, I’d hop in then he’d run through the yard.  You just hung on tight, sloshed around in the soapy water and prayed you didn’t fly out.  Best. Time. Ever!
  • Memorial Weekend Camping – My family did a lot of camping when I was younger and Memorial weekend was the kick off.  There are a lot of fire wood collecting trips, tent setting up and taking down (I was the Master at this) and many, MANY cold nights.  Yes, even at the end of May nights can get nasty chilly here in Buffalo, NY.
  • Endless Barbie Setups – Raise your hand if you were a Barbie fan? Oh, oh!  Me, me!  The most memorable thing about playing Barbies with my girlfriends was the endless hours setting up.  Yes, setting up.  First you had the house layout: it was imaginary but everyone had to be on the same page.  Then the imaginary rooms need furniture (real).  Last but not least, each Barbie was named and given a back story.  Then it was time to go in for dinner ;)
  • First Hamster – My mom wouldn’t allow me to get a hamster, but that doesn’t mean Uncle Mike can’t get one and share it with me!  And that’s exactly what we did.  Chipper was a black and white fancy hamster resembling the coloring of an Oreo cookie.  He was such a good hamster.  He’d sit in your lap and let you pet him to sleep.  If he escaped from his exercise ball you could find him in the same place (closet that solely hid pipes in the basement) just eating what he had in his cheek pouches.  He’d steal popcorn from the bowl if we were watching a movie.  He never jumped or bit, he was the perfect pet.
  • DISNEY!! – My 11th birthday present from my mom was a trip to Disney.  The whole presentation was amazing.  Each gift a clue leading up to the big reveal.  Mickey Mouse pjs.  A toy airplane.  It ended with a binder filled with fun pictures/clues and a coded message (in webdings) that told me we were leaving in 5 days.  The trip itself presented a boatload of memories too, but the one that sticks out the most was how much fun I had in the hotel room.

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

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  1. That’s SO funny about the Barbies! I wasn’t a big Barbie fan for that reason! I didn’t see the point in setting everything up for ,,, what??? And then it was dinner! Love it! Thanks for sharing with us at the Inspire Me Mondays Link-Up. Hope to see you back again next week!

    1. The setting up was my favorite part of Barbies! =) We played a bit but you’re right, it took so long it was time to pack up and go home

  2. Your parents sound awesome. I like the idea of the Big Wheeler car wash and all the clues leading up to Disney Land. I remember a lot from my childhood. My mum use to take my brothers and I out to the park during the school holidays and we would run around while she cooked on a barbecue.

    1. They are/ were; mom is still being mom, dad passed in 2004. I love BBQ at the park! It’s the best kind.

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