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Hello there =)

Dogs and birds and fish! Oh my!  I have always had a pet or two as long as I can remember and probably always will.  I’m an animal lover and believe animals deserve a good home and lots of love.  I’m just the gal to do it =)

This week I made a rather lengthy list of all the pets I have had in my life, so far.  I’m going to have to work on getting some pictures up of all of them…

Pets I Have Had

#52Lists2015 List 17

Pets I Have Had, List 17 #52List2015 | Sarah Celebrates[Tweet “Dogs and birds and fish! Oh my! What pets have you had?”]


Dogs.  By far my most favorite of pets.  I think they are the definition of unconditional love.  I’ve loved and lost 4 dogs in my life at the ripe age of 32, each more painful than the last.

Brutus, a doberman Shepard mix,  was like my big brother as my parents bought him a few years before I was born.  We got Hershey about a year after we let Brutus go.  Quite a handful he was.  If you’re not ready for crazy stay away from Chocolate Labs… When Hershey was about 6 years old we adopted Halee.  She was a spitting image of Brutus, it’s why I picked her out.  My boyfriend adopted Butch around 2003 and we just had to let him go.   The most painful thing ever.  He was my baby =)

Pets I Have Had, List 17 #52List2015 The Pup | Sarah Celebrates
Butch AKA The Pup


My dad and I bought Blue Bird, a blue parakeet, for my mom for some gift giving occasion.  She was NOT happy.  I don’t blame her.  We did buy her a noisy mess for a gift.

Kiwi was a different story.  My mom and I intentionally but her.  She was a peach faced lovebird that enjoyed the sunshine and piano music.


Yes, I was a rodent lover.  Had a handful of hamsters and my first made it to my favorite childhood memories list.

Amphibians (not listed)

Forgot to add these to my list but I did catch frogs and toads and keep them in fish tanks outside.  Much to my mom’s despair, one of my cousins won a green anole (lizard) at a fair and gave it to me.


HUGE fish fanatic.  It started with a single betta, grew to 5 bettas and then a few large tanks.  My first few fish in my large tank were named but then crazy breeding took place and there were too many to name.

 What pets have you had?

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