Cross Over the Bridge

Cross over the bridge, victory is waiting.

Cross over the bridge, victory is waiting =) #fortunecookiefriday

Life is full of battles we choose to fight or walk away from.   Whether we fight or flee, we usually have to pack up our baggage and cross over a bridge and not look back.  Hopefully that crossing is leading you to victory.

The bridge in my life that needs to be crossed over right now is getting over perfectionism and just providing you some good, relate-able reading.  My little blogging space isn’t what an ideal blog should look like right now: About Me isn’t finished, haphazard ad space and categorizing my stuff… forget it.  But I’m plodding through and working up some fun stuff for you.

There’s a few bridges in life I’m not looking forward to approaching let alone crossing… At least not in the near future or without LOTS of planning.

The first is marriage.  It’s not the ceremony or even the “til death do us part”.  The expectation and commercialism of having a big to-do of a wedding stresses me out almost to the point of saying the heck with it all.  The boyfriend and I have agreed, when and if, it will be small.  I love that we’re on the same page but there’s still that nagging feeling of people judging me for not going all out.

Just because I don’t want a big wedding doesn’t mean I don’t think all the pomp and circumstance isn’t pretty ;)

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Next up: pregnancy, childbirth and the subsequent child raising.  Terrified!  Can’t give you any specifics why (weight gain, extreme pain, needles, hospitals, diapers, crying, tantrums and puberty) just complete and utter terror and I don’t wanna talk about it anymore.  So there!

Lastly, pursuing my dreams… full time.  I like this, blogging for you.  I have a few other small business  ideas I’d like to focus on.  That darn day job… I’m not in a place financially where I could but in my two weeks and go skipping off into the work from home sunset.  Yet…

So with that said, sit back, relax and let me know what bridge you’re crossing in life.

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