100 Happy Days – Week Five

On a scale of 1 to 10…

How happy are you?

100 Happy Days - Week 5

Hopefully you’re a 10 or at least close to it.  I have to say finding a happy moment in each day does make everything just a little bit better.  Minute of Me started on the 1st and I’m trying to keep that moment and my happy moment separate.  More happy should mean even more joy in my life =)  Let’s check the past week!

29) The Nutcracker – Had a night out with the boy to see this Christmas season classic.  The suite was played live by the Buffalo Philharmonic.  I love hearing the orchestra warm up.

30) Happy Clients – One of my real estate clients closed early summer 2014.  He still reaches up to express his gratitude for my services.  Happy clients and happy clients pups with their new dog door.

31) Lunch with a Friend – Took a day off from the day job to spend a few hours with one of my good friends.  Some tasty Applebee’s and a much needed chat was a perfect way to begin the week.

32) Free Hockey Tickets –  Need I say more?!  The game itself was fairly boring up until the very end.  Then overtime.  Then a shootout!  Free tickets plus free hockey (overtime) = awesome sauce!

33) A Night of Blogging – It’s a simple pleasure, but when I can spend a whole night blogging I absolutely love it.

34) 12 Work Days Until Vacation – OMG!  I can’t wait.  Now, mind you, I just had two 5 day weekends in a row between a snow storm and Thanksgiving.  Nothing like a vacation at Christmas time =)

35) Free Scarf – Yes, a free scarf from Wegmans grocery store with the purchase of 2 Maybelline items.  I bought a blush stick and nail polish then I wore that baby all night.

Here’s to more happy days!

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  1. Sounds like a great week to me! It is so awesome that you’re taking the time to be happy and appreciate the good in your life.

    1. It was :) I used to let dirty dishes and piles of laundry drive me mad. That’s no way to be! I’d you’re not happy then what’s the point? :)

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