100 Happy Days – Week Four

Because I’m Happy….

I trust you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe but productive Black Friday.  Plenty of food and family for me and nothing but online shopping (affiliate link) for me.

Twenty-eight days of happy and it feels great!  Ok, I did miss posting a day but I promise you it was a great day.  Actively looking for pick-me-up’s and doing things I love have made the past month great.

Let’s see what has been making me smile this past week, shall we?

100 Happy Days - Week 4


22) Morning Massage – I go to a wonderful woman, Debbie Grey, for my massages.  I had the fortune of enjoying a massage last Saturday morning.  There’s nothing better than waking up, rolling out of bed and going for a massage.

23) Whoops! Missed a day!

24) Fun Desk Mates –  These two little guys live on my desk at the day job.  Sometimes they get into crazy hi-jinx just to keep me amused.  No one is too old or toys.  No one.

25) Sweet Cinnamon Scent – Last weekend I set out to make some cinnamon ornaments.  The drying method I used left my home smelling of cinnamon for days… it was wonderful =)

26) Happy Homeowners – I handed the keys over to a new home over to a lovely couple this day.  It makes my day to be able to hand those keys over.  A huge thank you to the happy couple for choosing me as their real estate agent and much gratitude to the couple that referred them to me =)

27) Dessert Before Dinner – Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoying the little things, like dessert before dinner.  Every year my mom makes the pies for the family Thanksgiving… and an apple pie for me =)  I just happen to get mine a day early this year.  So I enjoyed it a little early.

28) An Old Favorite – I was going through some stuff and found this oldie.  I snagged it from my mom years ago and wore it over my jammies kind of like a robe.  There are holes, edges are wearing thin.  It has seen better days.  It shall be back in my bedtime routine soon.

Another week down and looking forward to a more. Just a few more weeks until Christmas.  Let the holiday season keep you smiling!

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