100 Happy Days – Week Three

How Can You NOT Be Happy?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… every where you go… =)  I love the Christmas season.  It’s so bright and shiny.  Coupled with some snow days this past week and Christmas cheer, I started decorating.  Have you?

On to the happy!

100 Happy Days - Week 3

15) Baby Maddie – My boyfriend’s brother and wife live a few hours away and recently came to Buffalo so we could meet this little nugget.  Too cute.  We determined that she should only be photographed with my boyfriend because that’s when her head doesn’t look giant.

16) Christmas Lights – Yes, they’re up before Thanksgiving.  AND they’re on.  NOTE – they are not mine, I don’t lights.  I do enjoy driving around and looking at everyone else’s though.

17) Washi Tape Crafts – Made some Washi Tape Bookmarks in a snap. Slapped some on notebooks.  BAM! Decorated.  Simple and easy.

18) Secret Notes – I was going through some stuff and found a notebook with a few pages left.  Flipping through the pages I found a little note from one of the girls I used to dance with.

19) SNOW DAY! – Buffalo, the Southtowns, was hit hard by lake effect snow this past week.  Luckily I was a few miles north of the ban.  My luck continued in that work closed because most of our staff wouldn’t be in.  I love snow days =)

20) Yummy Goodness – The snow day’s continued and I was fortunate to have some tasty treats on hand.  Truthfully, I bought this because it was funny and I like Anchorman.  Butterscotch flavored stuff is just ok in my book.

21) Rudolph – Again, Christmas before Thanksgiving.  Watched Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer with the niece and nephews last night.  I enjoyed it the most, which was evident by my singing along and reciting the words.

Three weeks down about 11 more to go!  Keep being or finding some happy.  Check out past #100HappyDays posts here or follow along on Instagram.

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