Washi Tape Pencils

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If you’ve been reading the past few weeks, or follow me on Pinterest, you’ve learned that I have a little problem with washi tape. I’d love to cover everything in washi tape!  Whipped up a few bookmarks a couple weeks ago and slapped some on my dishwasher magnet last week.  Today’s project is equally as easy and would pair well with the Washi Tape Bookmarks for a small gift.

Let’s get started on our Washi Tape Pencils!

Washi Tape Pencils

Today’s inspiration credit goes to Lia Griffith and her washi tape notebooks and pencils.

Supplies needed:

  • pencils
  • washi tape
  • OPTIONAL: white paint to cover pencils

Lia’s tutorial begins with painting the pencils white to make the washi tape look better in the end.  I am using natural wood colored pencils and didn’t feel the need to paint them.  The Number 2 pencil logo shows through on a few pencils but I’m not bothered by it.  Paint if you want =)


Step 1

Cut a length of washi tape slightly longer than the pencil.  Adhere to pencil butting one end of the tape up against the metal part of the eraser.

Washi Tape Pencils - Apply Tape to Half of Pencil

Step 2

Cut a second length of washi tape slightly longer than the pencil.  Stick to the pencil covering the other half.

Step 3

Trim the excess washi tape on the end.

Make It Easier Tip: I found that trimming the excess tape was easier to do after each half rather than waiting until the end.

Washi Tape Pencils - Apply Tape to Other Half of Pencil

Have fun and experiment with tapes.  I bought a few sets of tapes that came in a pack of two coordinating tapes, one thick one skinny.

Washi Tape Pencils - Experiment With Tapes

Sharpen and enjoy!

Washi Tape Pencils - Finished Pencils

Make It Easier Tip: I found that with the pencil sharpener I have, it was easiest to remove a little tape then sharpen it.

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Have you covered your pencils in washi tape yet?

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  1. As a teacher, I think this is brilliant! I am doing this so I can always spot my pencils around the classroom. Thank you for the idea and “tip”. :-)

    1. Thank you Maren! Pinterest keeps me busy with all the washi tape ideas. Get taping and never lose another pencil!

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