Dirty or Clean Dishwasher Magnet

Are the dishes dirty? Or clean?

How will we ever know?

Dirty or Clean Magnet - How Will We Ever Know

Do you have family members that ask you if the dishwasher is clean or dirty rather than looking?  Is your dishwasher kinda crappy so that even if you look you’re really not sure unless some big messy meal is still plastered to a plate?  You need a Dirty/Clean Dishwasher magnet!

Load the dishwasher.  Get it running.  Let’s get crafting while the current load of dishes is washing and then slap it on so people know they should empty it for you.  All you need is:

  1. A magnet sheet
  2. Something to decorate the magnet
  3. Lettering – stickers, stamp, pretty handwriting

Dirty or Clean Magnet - Supplies

I used an old year magnet from 2013, a piece of scrapbook paper, washi tape for the edges and some letter stickers I found in the $1 bins at Target.

Dirty or Clean Magnet - Magnets

You should be warned… there may be a lot of magnet crafts coming… I had a slight problem resisting all the deals Vistaprints kept sending me in late 2012.  I still have about a dozen of these cute 2013 magnets I made.  Like the saying?  That’s a Sarah Saying.

[Tweet “Smile! If you don’t have one, you can have one of mine =)”]

Dirty or Clean Magnet - Cut, Trim and Tape

Start by cutting a piece of paper (or whatever you’re using as a cover) to the size of the magnet.  I made mine a little larger and trimmed it. Adhere your covering to the magnet.  I used a few pieces of double sided tape.  I didn’t need too much because I sealed the edges with washi tape.  Yeah… washi tape is going to be around a bit to.  My new love.

Dirty or Clean Magnet - Apply Stickers

Add your letters: stickers, stamps, hand write it.  Just remember to have the lettering facing the correct direction.

Dirty or Clean Magnet - Now We Know

Now the whole house knows the dishes are clean!  The real challenge is to remember to flip it ;)

How do you know if the dishes are clean or dirty?  Who empties the dishwasher?

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  1. I did this at an office I worked at except I didn’t have magnets handy so I laminated some card and used Velcro dots, if you turn the dishwasher on you flip the sign – if you empty the dishwasher of clean dishes you flip the sign. It worked better then any other system we’d tried. I’m the dishwasher at my house at the moment, but it used to be hubby.

    1. What a great idea! I still pretty much take care of our dishwasher but now my boyfriend knows if he can put his glass in or not

    2. Velcro!! Thank you! I use the magnet at home and tried to make one for work but the dishwasher is not magnetic…..I think it is the FIRST dishwasher ever made in history.

  2. This is such a GREAT idea! We just got a new dishwasher and there is no way to tell if its clean or dirty, without opening it and looking at the light. Altho, then the light turns off… so, if my husband opens it and closes it, but doesn’t empty it… I don’t know if they’re clean or not! lol!

    1. Sorry of my life Carrie! =) My mom had one for me growing up so I knew when to empty it. Now it just lets us know if we’re getting dishes from the cupboard or dishwasher.

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