Childhood Easter Classic with Adult Style

Childhood Easter Classic with Adult Style - turn your old Easter basket into your new holiday decor, with style!

Hello there =)

For the past few years I’ve been trying to find small but meaningful ways to decorate for each holiday.  I have a small home and I really don’t care to decorate & un-decorate for a one day event.  A pretty table centerpiece, a wreath and cute, little something I can tuck in a nook on the piano works perfectly.

Christmas is different because that’s up all of December…

So as Easter approaches the creative juices start flowing.

My best Easter memories, besides the candy, are of finding my basket, the construction paper eggs I plastered in the window with my mom and the candy dishes from my grandmothers.

Well, I’m a little old for the construction paper eggs and I’m NOT taping anything on my new windows. So that’s out.  Maybe I need an Easter wreath with eggs…

I did abscond with a couple candy dishes of my grandmothers so those will fill nooks quite nicely.

That leaves my tables centerpiece… Sounds like a job craft for my childhood Easter basket!

Childhood Easter Classic with Adult Style

Childhood Easter Classic with Adult Style - turn your old Easter basket into your new holiday decor, with style!

I’m sorry.  Not many in action shots for this project.  I tried but the pictures were crappy and the sun wasn’t cooperating.  I need better lighting in my house.  Soon…

I feel like I’m always apologizing to you guys lately… 

Hopefully, you can figure out how I assembled it all by looking at it… but don’t worry, I’ll walk you through it.


  • plastic eggs
  • chalk paint
  • moss – check the floral section at your favorite dollar store!
  • felt
  • basket
  • tag or small plaque
  • lettering – chalk, paint, stickers, etc

Childhood Easter Classic with Adult Style - plastic eggs are just a BIT too juvenile

What would Easter be without some plastic eggs?  Nothing!  I’ve had these babies sitting around since last Easter just waiting to be something cute and crafty. But pastels don’t quite fit in with my daily decor.

I know, I know… it’s just for Easter.  Nope.  Can’t do it.  Sorry.

How can I make these eggs better…?

Childhood Easter Classic with Adult Style - a couple coats of Waverly chalk paint turns plain plastic eggs into stylish decor

BAM!  That’s better!

A couple coats of Waverly chalk paint and I have a matte, neutral palette.  I found my paint Walmart.  I recommend sealing the paint or scuffing the plastic before you paint to keep your final coats on.  I’m experiencing a little bit of chipping.

At the end of last year’s Easter season, I snagged the adorable bunny statue 40% off at Hobby Lobby.  I needed it for my spring/Easter decor.  Home with me it came!

The basket?  THAT is my childhood Easter basket that I searched the house for every year.  Complete with the original ribbons my mom wrapped around the handle.  Isn’t it cute?

Ready to assemble?  Here we go!

  1. Line the bottom and sides of your basket with felt.  This keeps the moss from escaping.
  2. Place a layer of moss on the bottom of the basket.
  3. Nestle your bunny (or other Easter figure) in the moss.  Add more moss if needed.
  4. Tuck your eggs in around the bunny’s feet.
  5. Add your Easter message to your tag/plaque.
  6. Tie tag to basket handle.

Ta-da!  A quick, memory filled Easter centerpiece that fits my adult style!

What do you decorate with for Easter?

Do you have any childhood pieces incorporated?

Wait!  Did you think we were done?  I have more for you!

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  1. A beautiful and meaningful way to add that special touch for Easter. I really like the idea of a small honoured decoration that isn’t ostentatious for the annual celebrations.

    1. Thank you Stella! I’m really trying to keep my decor small and meaningful. Partly for the nostalgia of it, mostly cause I’m lazy ;)

    1. Takes too much time and effort! and thanks! So simple to do but took quite a few days to pull together

  2. So pretty! I have about a thousand and one plastic eggs and my kids don’t even do egg hunts anymore. I was thinking about doing chalk paint and yours looks fantastic!

    1. Thank you Keri! I recommend dabbing the paint on with a sponge brush (didn’t put that in the post). That really gave it a nice natural looking texture

    1. Thank you Gail! We have a lot of reds and dark woods in our home so these eggs brighten things up without being too loud.

  3. I think the color of the eggs is great. Spring means to me a splash of colors after all the winter dull. Love the bunny too!

    1. Thanks Pili =) I should have made more yellow eggs… after looking at the basket for awhile it needs more yellow…

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