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Tiny Fairy-Have a fairy merry Christmas | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)

Our Fairy Merry Christmas Blog Hop continues!  We wrapped up last week with Donna’s fairy ornaments and took a little break yesterday.  A few more days left of fairy goodness are left, let’s make the most of it!

So, I don’t have a lot of space in my house to decorate nor do I like to do huge decor changes.  Lack of space and laziness play a huge part.

For Christmas, my piano gets cleared off and the Nativity is set up and a tree goes up in the corner.  After that, I like to add subtle decor mixed in with what’s already out.  A snowman here or there.  Tuck a cork tree in a nook perhaps.

This year is no different.  I wanted something new that I could just set and forget AND potentially use as a gift topper.

Tiny Christmas Fairy - Bring an air of magic and whimsy to your holiday decor with some tiny fairies | Sarah Celebrates

I found these darling fairies on Pinterest.  You can check out the original inspiration post here.  Apparently there’s a kit to make flower fairies.  Who knew?  But why buy a kit when you can wing it? ;)

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  • 20 or 22 gauge wire – find something that bends easily but not too thin. Floral wire, coated jewelry making wire, get creative!
  • Flower petals – pick up a few bunches at your local dollar store
  • Embroidery floss
  • Wood bead – I used leftovers from my gnome noses
  • Charming cranial accessory – I give you a suggestion later =)


With this already panning out to be a photo heavy post, I opted to not take a photo of my supplies and measuring the wire.  You’re just gonna have to take my word on it;)

Tiny Fairies-Making the body | Sarah Celebrates

  • Cut 2 pieces of wire, one 6 inches and one 2 inches. (not shown)
  • Fold the 6 inch piece of wire in half.
  • Bend the 6 inch piece around the 2 inch piece.  This forms the arms and legs and a place for the head.
  • Wrap embroidery floss around where the wires meet.  This will be our fairies top.
  • Add a dab of glue to the loop at the top of the fairy and secure the wood bead/head.

Tiny Fairies-Putting on the skirt | Sarah Celebrates

Take apart some of the flowers from your bunches so you have individual petals.  Slip them up the legs of the fairy upside down, from small to large.  You can do all the same color, stagger colors or throw a leaf or two in there.  Go wild!

Tiny Fairies-Keeping her skirt up | Sarah Celebrates

Please pardon my fairy as we get a little fresh and look up her skirt.


We need to make sure her skirt doesn’t fall down.  I pushed the petals up to meet the embroidery floss top and glued the plastic piece from the base of my flower bunches as a way to keep the petals up.  Alternatively, you can use a small bead that fits over both legs.

Tiny Fairies-Tada, but it needs something | Sarah Celebrates

Use your round nose pliers to round the ends of the arms and legs to make hands and feet (of sorts).  Now to tend to that head…

In the original tutorial, the fairies get little flower hats.  I could not find any Christmas-y flowers small enough to make a hat.  So I pouted for a bit… then I found this!!

Tiny Fairies-Add some hair and a hat | Sarah Celebrates


Go to your local Hobby Lobby and buy them all!  They are something you never knew you needed until now!  OK, back to the fairies.

  • Cut some embroidery floss for hair.
  • Glue the hair and hat on top of the bead/head.  Trim if needed.

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After making a few, burning my fingers on hot glue and getting glue all over my fairies, I found a better way to secure the hair and hat.

  • Knot the hair in the middle.
  • Stuff the knot in the hat.
  • Part the hair.
  • THEN glue to the head.

Much easier.

And now for my favorite part!  Finding my new craft a home and glamour shots!

Tiny Fairies-Finding a home, kitchen corner | Sarah Celebrates

Tiny Fairies-Finding a home, on top of the ornament pile | Sarah Celebrates

These little ladies are currently on my Jake the Snowflake snowman, but I couldn’t get a good shot… Maybe later in the week.  I’ll pop it up on Instagram.

Will you be making some tiny fairies this Christmas season?

Tomorrow, our fairy gets some wings with Stella over at Purfylle =)

Stop by all the previous days posts for some magical inspiration and have a Fairy Merry Christmas!

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  1. oh i love this tiny flower fairy!! If you gave me one or a dozen on a present that would be totally awesome and cool with me! Thanks for the tute, now I can make a few of my own!

  2. I looooooooooooooooove love love the look of your website with all the Christmas stuff …love love love :-))) and all the posts are soooo inspiring …just love it!

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