Sweet Baby Girl Shower Card

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It’s seems to be baby season among my family and friends right now.  We have 3 due right in a row: August, September and October.  Luckily for me, only one of them is a first child so only one baby shower to go to.  Thank goodness… I dread going to showers.  Love buying for them, hate sitting through them.

This past Sunday was said baby shower.  My younger cousin Matt and his girlfriend are expecting a sweet baby girl right around my birthday in August.   After I when a little crazy in Target with onesies and elephant themed things, I decided to make a card for them.  A little personal touch on the oodles of stuff I just bought.

Please excuse the various backgrounds in the photo’s  I started this card mid-May while house sitting at my moms and finished it early June at home.  It’s been worked on over many different tables and under several lighting conditions…  I did what I could…

Several years ago, I used to get a monthly subscription to a paper making craft from Card Maker. I don’t believe they are in business anymore.  The kit came with all you needed to create many different crafts.

Baby Girl Shower Card - Card Maker Supply Kit - Sarah Celebrates

All you need is a kit, glue & scissors and an imagination.  Or not.  This paper crafting kit came with instructions on how to make several different cards.  I got inspired and went to work!

Baby Girl Shower Card - Card Maker Supply Kit, Instruction Book - Sarah Celebrates

These are the supplies I decided on:

  • Flower paper
  • Pink flower card (with white, square envelope)
  • Flower die cuts/punch outs
  • Fabric flower with brad
  • Caterpillar stamp (this was not part of the kit)

Baby Girl Shower Card - Card Maker Supply Kit, Choose Your Supplies - Sarah Celebrates

One of the card options showed half the flower card covered in the argyle paper.  I opted for the floral print instead.  I traced my flower.  Cut out the paper and glued to the card.  I used a glue stick to adhere it.  A tape runner sticks to fast and I knew I’d have to shift it around a little to try and line up edges.

Baby Girl Shower Card - Card Maker Supply Kit, Accent Paper - Sarah Celebrates

After the glue set, I noticed the straight edge down the center was too…. straight.  It was soft enough.  Too harsh.  I popped some flowers out of the die cut sheet provided in the kit.  The plan was to just line them up down the center.  But that proved to be boring.  So boring I didn’t even take a picture of it.  By adding some sticky foam (yes, that’s the technical term), the flowers pop off the card a little bit adding dimension.

Baby Girl Shower Card - Card Maker Supply Kit, Accents - Sarah Celebrates

Now for the finishing touches!  The floral paper had some glitter throughout but I needed more bling.  I added a couple pink rhinestones to the center of the flowers and called it a day on the front.

Baby Girl Shower Card - Card Maker Supply Kit, Finished Card Front - Sarah Celebrates

The inside of the card was blank.  And just putting a note in my horrible handwriting seemed like a horrible idea.  I poked a small hole in the card to add the fabric flower with white brad.  But Sarah, what about those ugly brad clasps?  I’ve got you covered!

Baby Girl Shower Card - Card Maker Supply Kit, Finished Card Inside - Sarah Celebrates

Literally.  I took one more flower from the die cut sheet and glued it over the brad =)

Baby Girl Shower Card - Card Maker Supply Kit, Finished Card Back - Sarah Celebrates

Voila! Sweet baby girl shower card.  Inside I said: May she sleep through the night and Matt change all the diapers.  Mom-to-be loved it and said she was going to have to hang onto this card.

Do you make your own cards or do you buy them?

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