DIY Christmas Gift Tags

DIY Christmas Tags | Sarah Celebrates #30MinuteCrafts

Hello there =)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The gifts are bought and mostly wrapped, holiday treats are ready for sharing and I have a little bit of craftiness making my fingers twitch.  Why not whip out a last minute Christmas craft?

I don’t give too many homemade gifts because I don’t want to take the time and I’m afraid of rejection.  Hey, at least I can be honest with myself ;)

What I can do is homemade, personalized wrappings!  In this case, gift tags.  Today’s post won’t be so much of a tutorial, but more of a “look what I did”.  I hope you enjoy.

DIY Christmas Tags-Base Tags | Sarah Celebrates #30MinuteCrafts

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Start with some gift tags.  You can buy some or make your own base tags.  I found mine at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.  So I bought about 6 packs.  Cause, why not…

DIY Christmas Tags-Simply Stamped | Sarah Celebrates #30MinuteCrafts

If you recall from past projects, I’m fairly simple with my crafting.  Not too many frills or complicated steps.  This is no different.  I knew I wanted to do simple, black ink stamping and embellish upon that.

I picked a few of my favorite Christmas stamps and got to stamping.

DIY Christmas Tags-Decorated tags | Sarah Celebrates #30MinuteCrafts


In the left panel, I used a tiny paint brush to dap glue on some of the trees, sprinkled some glitter and TA-DA!

The top right I found a purpose for the shaped glitter I bought.  Again, some glue and just sticking them down.  I only had 3 shapes of chunky glitter so one tag got an assortment of rhinestones.

The bottom left was fun with washi tape =)  Stick and trim.  That’s it!
DIY Christmas Tags-Furry Stem Trees | Sarah Celebrates #30MinuteCrafts

After making about a dozen stamped tags I still wanted to do more… So I went to Pinterest for some simple ideas.

The little trees above are what resulted =)  See my Pinspiration here.

I cut a a green chenille stem in half (makes two trees) and used my round nose pliers to fold the stem back and forth to create the tree shape.  I used super glue to adhere the trees to the tags.

The trunks are little snippings of leftover brown felt.  A yellow rhinestone for the star, tiny pom poms for ornaments and little bit of glue and dusting of glitter to make snow.

Totally adorable, right?

DIY Christmas Tags | Sarah Celebrates #30MinuteCrafts

Do you make your own tags?  I think I might make a habit out of it.  Maybe get a little more artsy… Don’t worry, I’ll keep it under 30 minutes =)

Merry Christmas!

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