Felt Heart Bookmarks

Felt Heart Bookmarks

Hello there =)

Do you have some felt lying around?  Of course you do, we just made a bunch of hearts for our wreath last week.  How about 10 minutes?  Let’s whip up a few Valentine’s trinkets that will make sure you always hold a place in their heart… Well, their favorite book at least. And that’s close enough to love. Right?

I was inspired to make these by another post I came across, I just can’t find her right now =(  I’ll update this post when I do.  She had some great felt bookmark variations.

UPDATE: I found her! Please visit Alicia of Wake & Whimsy to see her Bookmark Pals, the inspiration for my felt heart bookmarks

Onto the bookmark making!

Sarah Celebrates Affiliate Link DisclosureFelt Heart Bookmarks Supplies - heart template, felt, scissors and needle and thread | Sarah Celebrates

Gather your supplies:

Felt Heart Bookmarks - Use heart template to make felt heart | Sarah Celebrates

Choose what heart size you’d like and cut your felt heart.  I made my first one using the 2 1/2 inch template but it seemed to be a little small… Moved up to the 3 1/2 inch one.

Felt Heart Bookmarks -Creating the pocket | Sarah Celebrates

Take an extra piece of felt and lay it on the back of the heart.  This piece needs to be large enough to make a pocket for pages to fit into.

Felt Heart Bookmarks - Sew a Running Stitch | Sarah Celebrates

Starting on the back of the heart, begin a running stitch to attach the felt triangle to the heart. Continue passing the needle from front to back along the edge of the triangle keeping the stitches as even as you can or care to ;)

Felt Heart Bookmarks - Your Bookmark Pocket | Sarah Celebrates

My sewing is sub par… This was attempt 4.  Just had to roll with it.  Once you’ve tied off the end you’ll have a little pocket.

Felt Heart Bookmarks - Mark Your Page | Sarah Celebrates

Slip onto the page you left off at and know your place is safe

Felt Heart Bookmarks - A good book, page markers and a cup of coffee | Sarah Celebrates

I added my heart bookmarks to one of my favorites, A Hopeless Romantic by Harriet Evans.  How fitting =)

What’s marking your book pages?

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  1. These look so easy and cute (: Thanks for sharing this! I am always thinking I will remember what page number I was on….

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll update the post with my inspiration as soon as I find the lady. she had some cute ones: ice cream cones and monsters =)

  2. What an adorable idea :) Thanks for sharing this post at Together on Tuesdays!

    1. Me too! Those bookmarks are actually decoration on the FRONT of a notebook right now instead of holding a spot ;)

  3. I love this really simple and cute bookmark idea. I would love to try it, even though sewing is not really my thing. You should call them Heart Felt Bookmarks, so their name would have two uses too. Get it! Have a blessed day.

    1. OMG! That would have been a PERFECT name! I stink at sewing. This post shows several attempts in. The prototypes were tossed ;)

  4. Sarah, thank you for linking up to the #TBCcrafters Linky. I somehow overlooked this post. I love hearts and these are so adorable to add to books. I think I’ll make some with paper clips, how adorable would that be. I’d love to discuss you joining our craft group. Please contact me for more information in you’d be interested.

    1. Super adorable! I was planning on putting them on clips too! There’s a shop on etsy that sells them.

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