Washi Taped Inchie Storage Box

Inchie storage box

Hello there =)

My mixed media art journey has begun and I have a few crafts under my belt: ATCs, an art journal canvas and inchies.  I’m going to need someplace to store my creations until I get a chance to use or display them.

I received a gorgeous brass pencil box for Christmas and couldn’t bear to toss the box it came in.  But who needs a box in a box?

Better make some use out of it otherwise I’ll have to throw it out.  ::gasps in horror::

Inchie Storage Box - Re-using a Pen Box

Isn’t it cute?  The brass pen case is Midori brand and from Baum Kuchen.  Sorry no pictures of the case today, forgot.  But it’ll appear soon I’m sure.

Simple grey-ish cardboard with stunning copper colored staples on the sides.  Again, no photo.  I took one but couldn’t quite get it too look right.

I could almost use the box the case came in AS IS but then there would no need to write about it, now would there? ;)

Inchie Storage Box - Washi Tape to Cover the Box

These are a few of my favorite washi tapes; a nice turquoise, gold and brown theme.  And those elephants are too cute.

Inchie Storage Box - Washi Tape Covered Box

Washi taping falls under gluing photography rules here at Sarah Celebrates; no in-action shots.

Lining each piece up the best I could, careful not to leave gaps or overlap, I wrapped the box top in washi tape across the top and down the sides.  I simply stuck the ends of the tape up in the inside of the lid.

Inchie Storage Box - Inchie for the Inchie Box

Being small in size, this box would be perfect for my recent start to an inchie collection.  Why not top it off with an inchie?!

I took a 1 inch by 1 inch piece of cardboard (cereal box), covered it in glue and gold glitter and topped off with my Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

Ignore that glitter-less spot… Perfection is overrated ;)

Inchie Storage Box - An Inchie on Top

A dab of super glue secured it to the top and now I have a perfect little place I can keep all my miniature works of art!

Do you have pretty little boxes you keep treasures in?

Inchie storage box, covered in washi tape

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  1. I love this what a perfect little storage box and great use of something that might otherwise have been thrown away. the colours you have used work so well, it looks gorgeous and a present in its own right now! If you get a chance I have a monthly link up for all upcycled things called Trash 2 Treasure and I’d love you to join me.

    1. Thank you very much Fiona! I’ve always been a fan of turquoise and brown is growing on me. Those tiny elephants on the washi tape help. I’ll check out your party. I have a linky list that I’m growing. Stop back in March to join the list!

  2. I thought that little non-glittery spot was non-glittery on purpose because it’s turquoise to match the washi tape. I’m a huge box fan and I have to resist keeping every box that comes my way.

    1. Yeah, that’s it.. To match the turquoise… LOVE boxes! And baskets and storage containers! I think I have a problem…

  3. I have never heard of washi tape before – it looks fab! I love how your box turned out. I think I’d be taping everything if I had that handy. Thanks so much for sharing with blogger club uk x

    1. OMG! you haven’t heard of washi tape? I hope you don’t find any because you will NEVER stop buying it =)

    1. Thank you Mary! I’m getting a lot of compliments on the tape color combo. I feel better about my style now ;)

  4. I love washi tapes and everything you can do with them! Your storage box looks so fun and it’s so simple to make an ordinary box look fabulous! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration #2! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Hi, Sarah!! I have the same problem, I would love to keep every box, container, everything that falls into my arms, but as I am in the process of decluttering I may use some washi tape on them and keep some. Love the combo of colors you chose.

    Thanks for sharing it with us at Sweet Inspiration, enjoy the rest of the week!

    1. I totally understand. I have a basket of stuff that I should just throw out; it really is garbage. But I could make something with it… so for now, it stays

  6. Sarah this is such a great project. It is so cool I’m telling you twice. I want to thank you for joining us today at the Sweet Inspiration party. We look forward to seeing you again next week! Pinning!

    1. Thanks Mary! I had to find something crafty to share that wasn’t holiday related. It was the most recent that I had.

  7. So pretty – and so easy! I’d love it if you shared this on the brand new DIY party!

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