Easy Pom Pom Making Tool

Easy Pom Pom Making Tool

I have a bevy of pom pom crafts on my to do list this season and it keeps growing. I needed an easy, no fail way to make them.  There are so many free ways to make these little fuzzy balls of fun but I struggle with all of them. I always feel like I need an extra hand…  I so invested in some pom pom making tools.

Pom Pom Tutorial - Pom Pom Maker

A set of two was about $8 (less for the smaller set), toss on a 50% off coupon and each pom pom maker was about $2.  Well worth it to me.  I originally found them at Hobby Lobby and my mother and I each bought a set (different sizes).  Just recently they popped up at Joann Fabrics and I had to get the other set so I could make all sizes at a moments notice.

Buy yours now! (affiliate links)

Let’s start making some pom poms!

Pom Pom Tutorial - Pom Pom Maker - Pretty Little Pom Poms

Start by opening one of the arms on the pom pom making tool.  Begin to wrap the yarn around from one side to the other.  Experiment with tautness, number of wraps and thicknesses of yarn.  I like to wrap tightly for one pass left to right with the yarn laying right next to each other.  Then I go back over 2 times a little more haphazardly.

Once you’re satisfied, trim your end, close the arm and repeat on the other side.

Pom Pom Tutorial - Pom Pom Maker - Wrap both sides

Find the groove that runs around the middle of the pom pom making tool.  Snip the yarn all the way around.  Your pretty little pom pm is starting to take shape!

Pom Pom Tutorial - Pom Pom Maker - Cut along groove

Cut a length of yarn that will fit around the pom pom making tool and leave a tail on your pom pom.  I switched to red yarn for the next step to see it more clearly.

Wrap the yarn around the pom pom making tool along the groove.  Cross the ends to begin tying a knot.  Pull the ends tightly cinching the pom pom’s center.  A few more ties to make sure it’s nice and secure.

When you pull the ends to tie it up, you will notice the yarn on the pom pom making tool shrink as it’s pulled together in the middle.

Pom Pom Tutorial - Pom Pom Maker - Tie the center

Open the arms of the pom pom making tool.  Grasp the center of the tool on both sides and pull it apart.  Out pops your pretty little pom pom!  Fluff and trim as you see fit then enjoy!

Pom Pom Tutorial - Pom Pom Maker - Remove from maker

I recommend leaving your tails from tying until you know what you will be using your pom pom’s for.  I have a gallon baggie full of pom poms that a tail would make crafting with them easier…

Let’s see your pom pom’s!

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  1. That is a neat little tool! I have never seen one and what a steal at $2 a piece. Why do all the craft stores have to be so far from me?! Maybe my next shopping trip. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday!

    1. Check online! I was going to put some affiliate links in the post for them but forgot… maybe I’ll add them in over the weekend.

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