Yarn Hats

Baby it’s cold outside…

With two storms hitting on the East Coast this week, the city is Buffalo is ready for any stray snow that may wander over westward.  I have my favorite winter wear ready to go! Plus I’m itching to test out my new boots =)

But what about your favorite wine bottle?  Or the top of the gifts you’re giving?  Do the branches on your Christmas tree need something cozy? Just wait until you see what I have for you!

Yarn Hat - Toilet Paper Tube Upcycle

My mom went to a girlfriends weekend a few weeks ago and everyone had to bring something to share.  Most of the women brought food; my mom and a few other took crafts to do.  One of my moms’ friends introduced us to this fun little craft: yarn hats!  Whip up a few tonight!


  • Toilet paper tube or paper towel roll
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Embellishments


1) Cut a piece of the tube off.  The bigger the tube piece the wider the brim of your hat will be.

2) Cut a bunch of yarn, all about the same length.  The height of your hat will be about half of what you cut your strings at.

3) Fold a piece of yarn in half and insert the loop end in the tube.

4) Pull the loose ends through and pull tight.

Yarn Hat - Step 1

5) Continue to loop yarn strands until you cover the entire piece of tube.  The number of strands you will need will depend on how thick your yarn is and how closely you place them.

Yarn Hat - Step 2

6) Push all the yarn strands through the center of the tube until they come out the other side.

7) Lay another piece of yarn under the mess of yarn.

8) Tie a knot to form the body and tassel of the hat.

9) Tie the ends of the string you just formed the hat with to make a hanging loop.

Yarn Hat - Step 3

10) Embellish the brim and enjoy!

Yarn Hat - Step 4

These darling little hats can go any where!  See where I was going at the beginning…?  You need one for every wine bottle now don’t you?

Watch for when I have in store for my yarn hats next week…

What will you do with your yarn hats?

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    1. Thank you =) I have a whole mess of them now. Monday I’ll show you what else I’m doing with them. If it works…

  1. Hi I’m Sharon visiting from How To Get Organized At Home and I wanted to say thank you for sharing these with my party. I love these little hats and I think they would make great little presents and are so easy to make, thank you for sharing them.

  2. I just adore these! I am trying to get another roundup post of DIY holiday gifts out this weekend and this will be included..so be on the lookout :) Thanks for linking up last week..hopefully you made it over this week! I cant wait to see what you linked up!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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