DIY Dashboard For Your Traveler’s Notebook

DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook

Hello there =)

It’s time for another craft project! Yes, two weeks in a row!  I know, I’m shocked too…  This week I’m adding to my DIY Travelers Notebook Accessories with a DIY dashboard.

What Is A Dashboard?

A dashboard is an insert for your planner system or notebook that serves many purposes.

  • protect notebook covers
  • provide a surface for storing washi tape or post its
  • simply accessorize your notebook =)

Doing a quick search on Etsy for dashboards will give you loads of decorative options for many different planning systems: Erin Condren, Midori Travelers Notebooks, Filofax (just to name a few).But why buy one for $5 when you can spend so much more to get the supplies to make your own? ;)  This tutorial will be for a standard sized notebook for the Midori brand leather notebook cover and other similar bound notebooks.

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Shall we?

DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook

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Things You’ll Need

DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook -Supplies

Once you’ve selected your paper, measure the length and width of your notebook.  The standard/regular Midori size is 8 1/4 by 4 1/4. You will need to cut two pieces of paper this size.

DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook -Measure notebook to be covered

Not shown, after the shot below, I used my handy corner rounder to match the edges of my notebook being covered.

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DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook -Cut paper to be the size of the notebook

Place your two pieces of paper in a laminating sheet.  Leave about 1/4 to half an inch between the pieces of paper, depending on how thick your notebook is.  This space will be the part on the fold of the dashboard, the part on the spine of the note book.

The bottom 2 frames of this image show me working with a piece of paper that has text.  Keep in mind, the piece of paper on the RIGHT in the laminating sleeve will be on the front of the book.  Adjust the direction you place the paper in the laminating sleeve so that the print you want on the front cover makes it there.

DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook -Place in laminating sheet

After you’re content with placement of the paper, follow the directions on your laminating machine and seal it up.  I find I have to run my sheet through twice sometimes.  Laminate paper until your hearts content.  Or you run out of laminating pouches…

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NOTE: There may be a small un-laminated area around the edge of the paper.

Trim off excess laminating plastic being careful not to cut into that un-laminated area.  I used my corner rounder again, this time on the plastic.

Whether you’re using this for a stand alone notebook or a Midori-like cover, we need to put a notch in the center portion of the cover where it will fold.  This allows both the dashboard and cover to fit comfortably under the bands that hold it in.

DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook -Trim excess sheet and make notebook string notch for MTN

How cute are these?  I use one in my Midori traveler’s notebook and on a monthly calendar.  To keep the dashboard on my calendar, I used an elastic slipped around the center of both the calendar and dashboard. Again, not shown… sorry about that.

DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook - Fold in half and place around notebook

How Am I Using My dashboard?

I keep a list of projects I’m working on washi taped to the front cover.  Enjoy your sneak peeks =)

I also stuck some page flags from the Target Dollar Spot bins.  Post it’s ready to go on-the-go!

While the dashboard adapts to it’s folded shape, I keep my stand alone closed with an Oli Clip (I’m sorry if you follow that link, you won’t be able to live with out them now…)

DIY Dashboard for your travelers notebook - accessorize

As my obsession with traveler’s notebooks grows, I’m putting together the {in}Complete Traveler’s Notebook Resource Library.  It’ll be filled with my favorite places to buy supplies, DIYS, awesome Instagram accounts to stalk and whatever enables my love of these notebooks ;)

Do you think you’ll be making a dashboard, or five?  Let me know if you do!  Share your DIY notebook accessories too, I’d love to see them!

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  1. This is a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing. I was wondering what you mean by cutting a notch in the middle?

    1. Hi Roxana and thank you! After you laminate your paper and fold it in half, you have a 90 degree angle on that fold. I snipped the corners to make a ‘V’ shape at the top and bottom of the spine of the dashboard to better allow the elastic to lay flat. Does that make sense?

  2. Which corner rounder do you use? Just getting into this DIY notebook world…i love rounded corners. Didn’t even know there was a corner rounder. Which one do you use or recommend? thanks!

    1. I think I have the Creative Memories brand rounder, 2 sizes. If you go to the craft punch section of your local craft store, they should have them.

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