DIY Traveler’s Notebook Accessories

DIY Travelers Notebook Accessories | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)

My traveler’s notebook obsession passion continues as I find lots of DIY’s to embellish and enhance my newest companion.

If you’re using a traveler’s notebook, or any planner/journaling system, you know it’s imperative to have a place for your writing instruments and something to mark your spot with.

I received a Midori brand pen loop for Christmas and bevy of adorable paper clips (penguins and squirrels).  The loop was too big for the Bic pen I like to use and there was no easy way to carry the paper clip boxes all the time.

I needed something slimmer, both in the loop and bookmark arena.  Pinterest and You Tube didn’t let me down.  I whipped up my DIY Traveler’s Notebook Pen Loop & Bookmark in less than 30 minutes.

DIY Traveler’s Notebook Bookmark

DIY Travelers Notebook Accessories - Elastic Bookmark - Measure, Fold and Glue, Stretch and Glue | Sarah Celebrates

For your bookmark, all you need is a length of elastic and some hot glue.  Measure around your notebook to find your length.  I over estimated with my standard Midori brand notebook and used 18 inch piece which had a bit of excess.  The next few I made I used 15-16 inches and stretched the elastic more.

Fold over and glue down one end of the elastic.  Just to make it pretty =)

Place the elastic back around your notebook, pull taut and glue folded edge to body of elastic.  I secured in one other spot where my elastic overlapped.

DIY Traveler’s Notebook Pen Loop

DIY Travelers Notebook Accessories - Pen Loop | Sarah Celebrates

 Pen Loop Supplies

  • Elastic
  • Binder clip

Measure a length of elastic.  Your length will be determined by the barrel of your favorite pen/pencil.

Initially, I folded over the edges before making the loop. BIG MISTAKE.  The clip body was too fat and it was difficult to open the clip. I don’t recommend making a pretty edge on this one.

Apply a dot of glue to the side of the binder clip.  Adhere elastic getting the edge of elastic as close to the opening part.

Repeat on the other side.  I DO recommend checking the loop size with your favorite pen before gluing the 2nd side.  Trim if need be =)

The Finished Product!

DIY Travelers Notebook Accessories - Notebook with elastic bookmark and binder clip pen loop | Sarah Celebrates

What a perfect pair of place holders!  My pen loop is currently secured to my MTN leather cover, not a notebook, but you get the idea.

What DIY notebook accessories have you made?

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  1. I’m forever taking notes and can never find my place, I loose little traditional bookmarks and stickynotes fall off. This is brilliant!

    1. Thanks Stella! I found a tutorial in one of my several traveler’s notebook groups I’m in. I love them! They double as headbands too ;)

  2. Genius! I love that you can customize these to make everything match, too! Thanks so much for sharing your creative post at Together on Tuesdays :)

  3. Great idea… It seemed like it should be easy to make, but your instructions make it a piece of cake! One question, what kind of glue did you use? Hot glue, fabric glue, industrial epoxy? ;-) Just curious…


    1. Thanks Suzanne! Super easy to make. I used hot glue. the bands have held up great, the pen clips have had to be re-glued… I should find a better glue for them and update this post.

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