If I Won The Lottery… #52Lists2015

52 Lists 2015, loving life one list at a time | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)

If I won the lottery, what would I do with the money?

List 13.  Lucky thirteen.  Fitting for this list don’t you think?  You gotta be in it to win it, they say.  And I’m never in it.

The Publishers Clearing House lotto/award is coming up and it’s $7000 a week for life!  $7k.  A week.  For LIFE! Wow!  Now, I’m not in it, but I couldn’t help but daydream and spend my imaginary winnings.

52 Lists 2015 - List 13 - If I Won The Lottery | Sarah Celebrates
If I Won The Lottery #52Lists2015


  1. Pay Off Loans – Yes, this is one of my 2015 goals that I will be taking care of soon anyways, but if I had $7k a week I’d pay that off stat!  My Sleep Number bed and car would follow suit.
  2. Set Money Aside – I have two stashes of money started: next years expenses and my ELF, emergency layoff fund.  I like to have at least one years expenses stored so that I’m not living paycheck to paycheck.  I pay bills from that reserve and keep adding money to it to build it back up.  My ELF is small right now.  Winning the lotto would pad those funds nicely.
  3. New Kitchen!! – My BF and I are slowly planning our kitchen remodel.  After the planning it’s going to take saving… But not if I won the lotto ;)
  4. New Bathroom!! – See new kitchen.
  5. Donate – I believe in donating to causes you believe in.  I did a day of volunteering at St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy last May and was moved.  Also, a huge animal lover here.  St. Luke’s and the SPCA would receive a monthly financial nod from moi.
  6. Keep Working –  Yes, I would keep working.  Live on what I made and fund my passions with the award money.  Maybe not at my day job… Perhaps at a craft store.  Then I could spend my checks there ;)

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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  1. Love your 52 lists! If I won the lottery, I would have one very similar to yours. Especially working the job you love… those are the best. I think I would only add one thing to mine… a once a year family vacation which is something we can never afford.

  2. I like this 52 list idea too! Fun!
    If I won the lottery… hmmm.
    I’d pay someone to pack my stuff up!
    I’d get a second house near family, and save money to visit often, save for kids college and missions.

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