The Tale of Two Images

The Tale Of Two Images - Get your Instagram images seen on Twitter! | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)

Think about your favorite social media site.  Go ahead, I’ll even let you pick two.

[insert Jeopardy music]

Pinterest and Instagram?  Was I right?  If I wasn’t spot on I know I had to be pretty close.  How did I know?

People prefer images to text.  Images quickly convey a message.  They create and encourage emotion.  They help connect readers, followers and even friends to you at a deeper, more emotional level.

So with that said, why are you still using the ‘Share on Twitter’ button when you post on Instagram?

The Tale of Two Images

Let’s look at a recent Instagram Fortune Cookie Friday picture I shared where I used the ‘Share on Twitter’ button.

Tale of Two Images - Instagram Image Using Share To Twitter | Sarah Celebrates
Now you see it, now you don’t!

How often have you seen the image on the right?  The tweet with a link to Instagram?  Have you ever clicked it?  I’ll be honest, I haven’t and probably never will.

What if your Twitter followers don’t have or want to have Instagram?  They are missing your pictures!  We need to fix this STAT!

Don’t worry, there’s a Recipe for that!

Tale of Two Images - IFTTT Recipe Instagram to Native Twitter Pic | Sarah Celebrates

 Isn’t that better?  That’s awesome Sarah!  But how did you do that?  Simple my dear =)

Have you ever noticed the #hi on some of my Instagram posts?  That hashtag paired with a Recipe in my IFTTT account posts my Instagram images to Twitter as a native Twitter pic.  IE, as if I posted the picture on Twitter directly.

By using #hi, my Twitter followers get my full Instagram image without having to leave Twitter & the 1st 140 characters of my Instagram post (less the #hi).  Pretty spiffy don’t you think?

Do you have an IFTTT account?

Add this recipe to your list!

IFTTT Recipe: Insta to Twitter, Full Image connects instagram to twitter

Want another fun one?  My non-Instagram Facebook friends don’t have to miss out on my Friday cookie papers.  I have a Recipe for that too!

Insta Pic, #fortunecookiefriday | Sarah Celebrates

Any image tagged #fortunecookiefriday on Instagram pops into a photo album of my choosing on my Sarah Celebrates Facebook page.  No double posting for me!

So have you created an IFTTT account yet?

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  1. Wow I had no idea…. I’m so glad I clicked your post! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from and would love a visit back.

    1. I know right? I looked into it because I was sad I had to leave Twitter to see people pics. So I joined Instagram ;)

  2. This is brilliant! I use IFTTT a tiny bit but have been wanted to add more recipes there – this was a great inspiration and I added the recipe! Thanks!

  3. This is pretty cool, I’ve never actually heard of this but this is all kind of perfect. Thanks for the post :)

    1. I found out about IFTTT from some other bloggers. Just passing the word along =) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Over from Funtastic Friday. This is a great tip. I don’t use Instagram much but I feel I should use it more.

    1. It takes time to get into a new social media. I have been enjoying images lately so I’ve been spending tons of time on Insta. Thanks for stopping by

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