100 Happy Days – Week Thirteen

Hello there =)

Welcome to week 13 of my 100 Happy Days!  I’m working on getting back to being crafty for the blog and it has made this week fun.  All I want to do is be in craft stores and crafting!  We can’t have crafts providing all my happiness so I found some other moments to share with you.

Let’s check it out!

100 Happy Days - Week 13 | Sarah Celebrates

85) Coffee With A Friend – Sort of.  I got this mug this past Christmas from one of my besties.  It says: Our hearts are very very old friends.  She is a friend of my boyfriends from high school and we connected over the past dozen years.  I enjoyed my mug of coffee and smiled =)

86) $1 a Gallon Sale – I love fish and aquariums.  LOVE. THEM.  It all started with one little betta and grew into an obsession.  Any time there is a $1 a gallon sale at PetCo or Pet Supplies Plus I have to refrain from buying another tank.

87) Free Printable Coming Soon –  Are you excited?  It’s nothing special, just a little something I whipped up in Picmonkey.  I’m more excited about the little craft I made from it.  Watch for that on Monday.

88) Free Coffee and Dessert –  Have you ever been to Texas de Brazil?  If not and there’s one near you, GO!  There is an amazing salad bar complete with soups, sushi and other goodies.  Then the real fun begins!  Men walk around with meat on swords!  Never ending meat buffet!  Today’s smile comes from a Sweet Treats deal I purchased.  For $21, myself and 5 friends can get free dessert and coffee up to 12 times in 2015.

89) Grippy Socks – Now, these are meant to be worn while I work out at my barre class, and I will, but I love them for every day wear too.  It’s fun to look down and see some happy socks.  I’ve already worn the Be Great ones and I was so great =)

90) Lunchtime Crafts – You can only surf the internet so much… and sometimes at the day job I’ve had just about enough of the computer.  Couple these lunchtime crafts with the free printable from a few days ago and we almost have a full project done!

91) Remembering a Furry Friend –  It was a happy day because I didn’t bawl my eyes out at this memory; sad because I can’t relive it anymore.  My dog was a nut for food, not very patient if you were giving him something and a little grabby in his old age.  But for strawberries… oh boy, you’d think he was a different dog.  From the time I pulled them out of the fridge, cut them up and sat down to eat them, he was at my side.  I miss that…

The Pup Waiting For Strawberries

Just one more post left! Days 92 through 100 will be posted Sunday 2/8… let’s make them count!

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  1. I want some grabby socks! They look super cool. I don’t know that my doggies will ever get strawberries unless I drop them. Besides they’re spoilt enough.

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