5 Things I’d Want On A Deserted Island #52Lists2015

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Hello there =)

Well after missing last week’s posting by nearly a week, I think I’m back on track! Ok, I’m a day late… but it’s done.

List 24 is 5 things I’d want on a deserted island.  How did I get on this island?  Who knows!  But let’s just assume I have some food and water ;)

5 Things I’d Want On A Deserted Island

#52Lists2015 List 24

List 24 - Things to Have on a deserted island

Isn’t that a happy little sun and palm tree?  Moving on…

  1. Pen and paper – I’m sure there’d be a moment or two  I’d want to recall once I’ve been rescued.
  2. My blankie – Yes, I still have my baby blanket.  I have to.  It’s comforting.  I’d need it if I was stranded on an island.  Or if I have the flu.
  3. A few good books – Deserted equals time on your hands.  Why not read a book or two.
  4. TV and Netflix – This isn’t too much to ask is it?
  5. My favorite boy – An island adventure, even a deserted one, wouldn’t be complete without my boyfriend.  I’d give up #4 for him.

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