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Hello there =)

I really thought this one would be easy… I mean who doesn’t like to boast about their accomplishments in life?  Apparently I don’t.  Or can’t.  Whichever makes me sound like the better person.

This week’s 52 List topic was Things I Am Proud Of.  While I am happy with many things I have done in my life, they don’t quite seem boast worthy… I attended and finished college.  Eh.. probably should have accomplished that anyways.  Racked up some credit card debt and paid it off without killing myself.  The smart person wouldn’t have created the debt in the first place.

You get the idea.

So I dug a little deeper, found far less but instances that had a little more substance.

Things I Am Proud Of

#52Lists2015 List 22

Things I Am Proud Of, List 22 #52List2015 | Sarah Celebrates

My Best Friend’s Girls

My best friend has four beautiful girls, ages 5-13, that have blossomed or are blossoming into wonderful little ladies.  This has nothing to do with me.  I’m just so proud that I have been able to be apart of their lives and watch them grow.  They were the first children I interacted with as I went from teens to 20 somethings and they mean the world to me.  Almost like they were like my own.  Almost.

My Mom’s Strength

My mom raised me by herself, worked full time and provided a wonderful childhood for me.  She took the time to create amazing experiences, teach me life lessons and loved/loves me unconditionally (I’m assuming).  Without her strength and support, I know I would not be the person I am today.  Not even close.

The Dreamer in Me

I have a mind that never stops.  New ideas, dreams and goals are forever popping up and craving to be explored.  I am pleased as punch with myself that I have taken steps to turn dreams into reality., slowly but surely. In 2012, I jumped and started a real estate business.  This past fall Sarah Celebrates got shoved in your face ;)

As time goes on I’m sure the list will grow with legit things to be proud of.  For now I’ll revel in these few and work on creating new ones =)

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