100 Happy Days – Week One

Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row?

100 Happy Days - Week 1

November 1st I began the 100 Happy Days challenge along with the start of my Small Words Big Change Challenge.  While every day doesn’t have me walking on sunshine, it’s important to find a little pocket of happiness to keep you sane.  Here’s what has been putting a smile on my face this past week.

1) The 100 Happy Day Site’s Font – I’m a font freak.  I love them all, especially handwritten ones.  I clicked around that site for at least an hour, the font kept me there. =)

2) The Silly Antics of My Boyfriend – Browsing the leftover Halloween costumes November 2nd, he tried on a piece or two of some costumes.  The Hulk hat called for a photo-op.  I think it turned out well.  You can almost hear a “HULK SMASH” yell.

3) Fruity Water + Energy – Trying a new product to boost my energy sans coffee.  Don’t worry, I won’t give up coffee.  I mostly looked into it to increase my water intake.  I despise drinking water.  The Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks are delicious, BTW.

4) My Favorite Sweater – Hooray for colder weather!  I was able to bring my fav sweater out this week. A wool blend, chunky knit with big buttons from LL Bean keeps me more that toasty.  It has a sister in a heather oatmeal color but this one gets more love from me.

5) Mid-Afternoon Tim Horton’s – I love my Timmy Ho’s =) That is all.

6) Free Money!! – My health insurance offers a Wellness Card loaded with some money for me to spend on keeping me healthy and sane.  Enter vitamin shops, massage & acupuncture therapy and gym memberships.  All on my health insurance because a healthy me means they have to spend less in the long run to make me healthy.  Bonus: My work place starts new insurance Dec 1st and then will start a new plan/program in January.  Wellness card resets TWICE!  Awesome sauce!

7) Good Memories to Chase The Bad Times Away – Day 7 was a rough day, lost my furry 4 legged child =(  I needed to find my happy this day.  So I went through my old pics and found this gem.  My god daughter gave me the best mani/pedi ever!  You know you’re jealous.  AND, that blue polish stained my skin.  You’re super jealous now ;)

Watch for next week’s post or follow along on Instagram. Are you up for the 100 Happy Days Challenge?

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  1. Sarah, I love this! It really is the small things sometimes to give us a little pick me up! :-)

    1. Thank you! Doing the 100 Happy Days has really made me appreciate every little thing. And I’m finding those small things really can make you happy.

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