Small Words Big Change

With the new year approaching (yes New Year, I bypassed, Halloween, Thanksgiving AND Christmas), people will be resolving to get in shape physically and lose those last few pounds.  I am a firm believer that you must be mentally fit, or at least attempting to be, in order to be able to wrap your head around the commitment and dedication physical goals entail.  Weak mind leads to wavering spirit which leads to a life of sweatpants and couch lounging.  Believe me, sweatpants sound great… but I’m here to help you prepare mentally now so we can whip your butt (and mine) into shape come January.

How will we be doing that?

During the months of November and December, I will be holding (and participating in) 30 day challenges that encourage you to love yourself, embrace what you have and to acknowledge your loved ones and community for enriching your life.

As Thanksgiving approaches, November’s 30 Day Challenge is about thankfulness and gratitude.

Think of the last time someone told you how much they appreciate you or something you did.  How did you feel? Great I bet =)  A few small words made a big change in your day didn’t it?  Just imagine what a difference you could make by expressing a few small words of gratitude each day to those around you. Are you up for November’s challenge?

Small Words Big Change

30 Day Challenge


When Will This Take Place?

  • Each and every day in November =)

What Are We Doing?

  • Taking the time to express at least one token of gratitude or thankfulness daily.

How Will We Be Expressing Ourselves?

  • I will be tweeting/instagramming my thank yous and expressions of gratitude.  Join me using #smallwordsbigchange
  • There will also be a collective post for those wanting to follow along right here on Sarah Celebrates.  This post will have a link up, so get your own #smallwordsbigchange post going and pop over to share it!

Why Should I Do This?

  • If you need a reason then you should probably do this challenge times 3 ;)

It’s time to be thankful and express some gratitude!  Grab your 30 Day Challenge goal sheet, fill it out and follow along!  Here’s to small words making a big change!

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To amp up this challenge as well as the upcoming ones, I also signed up for the 100 Happy Days challenge.  Follow along on Instagram or watch for the weekly #100HappyDays update post.

Can you be happy for  100 days in a row?

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  1. This sounds like an excellent idea! I truly believe that being grateful will change your attitude and heart, and make you a much happier person. I’ll all in!

    1. I’m so excited you’ll be joining me Christie! I have 3 more months of challenges in the works. I hope you can make all of them =)

    1. Thank you =) Next month will be about learning to love ourselves and taking time to allowing ourselves to just be. Thanks for stopping by!

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