Christmas Countdown 2015 – 8 Months!

Christmas 2015 Memory Book | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)

I am so sorry! I held off until now, but in case you didn’t know… only 8 months until Christmas 2015! I had the idea for this post in January but…

  1. I didn’t want hate mail.
  2. I couldn’t get the post done in time to post in February.
  3. By March, I was SO ready for spring the thought of Christmas made me sick.

So here we are, April 25th and only 8 more months until the most wonderful time of the year.

Why are we even doing this Sarah?  I heard you say that in my head using the most whiny voice that my god-daughter can muster up.

I procrastinate, that’s why.  A few days before Easter this year I found all these fun Easter crafts I wanted to make.  Too late to blog about it.  Last year, Pinterest inspired me with all sorts of Christmas countdowns and advent calendars.  Again, too late to make and blog about it.

So this year I’m starting early starting with a Christmas Memories notebook that will live in one of my many Traveler’s Notebooks.

Christmas 2015 Memory Book - Naughty or Nice List | Sarah Celebrates

I don’t have many memory keepsakes and I haven’t journaled in years.  Up until recently,  looking at and taking pictures was something I despised.  This is my attempt at making & preserving some memories.

There’s going to be lots of space for journaling and adding holiday cheer.  The pages I started (pictured above) will be for random Christmas stuff (fav movies, candy, etc), my Naughty or Nice gifts to buy list and a place to stick the tags for my advent calendar I plan on creating this year.  Maybe even a picture or two.

Just a little bit of Christmas washi tape for your viewing pleasure.

Christmas 2015 Memory Book - A Little Christmas Washi Tape | Sarah Celebrates
Little bits of Christmas washi tape.

These are the pages where I get a little greedy ;)  My Christmas wishlist.  I added a cute card washi taped in for all the things that I can always use: Gift cards, Brita water filters, washi tape… This way I can just move it to next year’s Christmas memory book!

Christmas 2015 Memory Book - All I Want For Christmas | Sarah Celebrates

I hope you’re not too mad at me for bringing Christmas up in April.  I promise, no more until November (ok, maybe October…).

Do you create holiday keepsakes or scrapbooks?

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  1. I’m melting away in the usual Mumbai Summer. Christmas is my absolute favourite holidays of all. It has always been the celebration of family and close togetherness, but in Mumbai that is also the ONLY time in the year we are not either steamed to death or soaked wet to the bones (and catching mold).

    I cling to Christmas so much that I still haven’t taken down that paper wreath I made last December :-) and yes I have a few page of Christmas ideas in my notebooks already. so I totally get what you mean.

    1. =) I too enjoy Christmas. I think it was a miracle this year that I took my Christmas wreath down before spring. Now to do something about that pesky Valentines day wreath…

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