Creating a Ten Word Story: 34 and Currently…

Can you encapsulate your life in a short ten word story? OK. Maybe not your whole life, but a portion of it.  Perhaps a special event or the season you’re in right now?

In an attempt to find more ways to use my growing collection of travelers notebooks, I stumbled upon Hope Wallace and her little treasure trove of paper relics at Besottment (now the soul of hope).

After reading how she was inspired to create a 10 word story and exploring those avenues, I dove into my own.

Ten Word Story - Currently #10wordstory

Taking a page out of Hope’s book, I followed the same path of creation as she did.  If it ain’t broke, right?

Creating a Ten Word Story

I started with a list of words and phrase I felt fit who I am right now and how I feel:

soul searching
need/love to learn
cultivating happy
seeking minimalist/minimalism
finding myself
wanting change
ready to jump

Then I played around with the order of them:

  • emotional soul seeks change towards minimalist life and cultivating happy
  • soul searching while cultivating a happy life filled with learning
  • hopeful heart craving change, ready to jump but needs push
  • hopelessly emotional, wanting change to embrace a happy, simple life

I finally settled on:

Creative soul seeks change to fulfill a simple, happy life.

Ten Word Story - Me, Currently #10wordstory

And now to keep the fun going by journaling my ten word story in my Midori traveler’s notebook, passport sized. It’s really helping me justify this purchase… I just have to have ALL the TN’s. ;)

On The Page

  • I made a pocket out of the packaging from a recent Baum-kuchen order and their signature masking tape.
  • Using VersaFine chalk ink in White Cloud, I quickly stamped some honeycomb shapes.  Then ’10 Word’ in Black Magic.
  • I wrote my story on a tag and tucked it in the pocket along with a Tim Holtz flash card.
  • A few remnant rub-on’s and Big Chat stickers

Quick and simple.  Just get it on the page =)

I plan to make this a new journaling practice, creating ten word stories for all the events, moments and seasons of my life.

What is your ten word story? Follow along and share with #10wordstory

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