My Must Have Craft Supplies & Tools

Every avid crafter has a that pile of craft supplies and tools they always reach for.  Craft supplies that are so valuable you buy them in triplicate, you know, just in case.  Still searching for your favorites?  Feel free to fall in love with some of mine =)

My Must Have Craft Supplies and Tools

My Must Have Craft Supplies and Tools

It’s no secret, I love crafting and buying the supplies to fuel my hobby.  Preferences and styles change from time to time as do my must haves.  I gathered the ones that I have been reaching to repeatedly the past few months and would pack if I was going to craft on the go.

Get ready to have some new favorites!
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Faber Castell Graphite Aquaelle Pencil

In every mixed media tutorial I watch the artist outlines things they want to highlight with a Stabilo pencil.  I have had no luck buying one or getting one to be shipped to me in one piece.

Luckily for me, I happened upon Faber-Castell graphite aquaelle pencils in Hobby Lobby.  The 8B pencil along with my water brush gives me similar results to others Stabilo pencils.

Aquash Water Brush

Must Have Craft Supplies and Tools - aquabrush

I LOVE my Aquash water brush.  Watercolor painting and blending on the go! No need for a container of water.

Just fill the body/reservoir with water, squeeze to wet the brush and you’re good to go!

Iris photo keeper boxes

I have dozens of these photo boxes. The 4×6 size is great for gathering markers, embellishments and stray tools.

Oh, you can store photos in them too ;)

Golden Gold Mica Flake

Slightly obsessed with this one as of late. Does your project need a little something? Gold mica flake to the rescue! After I used on my artist trading card how to post, I haven’t been able to put it down since.

Making Memories tweezers

Must Have Craft Supplies and Tools - Tweezers

Such a great set of tweezers!

They are always shut until you apply pressure to open them.  Once you have picked something up, you can release tension to allowing yourself to place items with more precision. No need to focus on if you’re going to drop your embellishment.

Mod Podge

The glue and adhesion method of champions! Layer upon layer goes down with my trusty Mod Podge.

Idea-ology rub tool and Tim Holtz remnant rubs

Must Have Craft Supplies and Tools - stickers and rubs

Remnant rubs and stickers are great ways to add text and interest to your pieces and journaling.

Locktite Super Glue

If I can’t stick it down with Mod Podge, I reach for my Locktite Super Glue.  Just be very careful… It is a very super adhesive glue.

Texture Paste

Texture paste adds background and texture to your works of art. Whether you scrape it directly on your base or use a stencil to make a pattern, you won’t be disappointed.

Need a little color? Scrape some Faber-Castell gelatos into the paste and mix thoroughly.

Brads & We R Mememory Brad Tool

Must Have Craft Supplies and Tools - brads

I have always been a fan of brads.  They allow you to add moving elements to your art and they look great all on their own.

The downside? Poking them through the paper then stabbing under your nails when you try to split the fasteners. But no more!

I found a brad setting tool that:

  1. Has a hole poking tool on one end.
  2. A triangle shaped end to split the fasteners
  3. Has a flat surface to flatten the fasteners, securing them.

Washi Tape

Loads and loads of washi tape.  Need I say anymore?

Are you starting your own craft supply hoard? Shop the post below!

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