Spooky Spiders

Spooky Spiders

Hello there =)

Are you still in the hunt for the perfect Halloween accessory to complete your spooktacular costume for Halloween?  Or do you just need something a little creepy to toss on so you fit in at the office donuts & cider party?

Look no further!

Spooky Spiders to the rescue!

Spooky Spiders

I found the original tutorial for these spiders on a Page-A-Day calendar years ago.  They are my go-to craft at Halloween time because they are super cute (or creepy) and simple to make.

**If you have never worked with wire before in your beading & crafting projects, this project may take you a little longer while you get a hang of working with the wire.

Let’s get crafty!!

Supplies and Tools

Spooky Spider Supplies

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  • 20 or 26 gauge Craft Wire: any color you’d like.  The bigger the gauge number the thinner the wire, the easier to bend.  But… the more likely it’ll break if bent too much. Pick your poison.
  • 2 Round Beads: 1 larger than the other.  I think mine are 4mm and 8mm, faceted rondels AB finish.
  • 1/4 inch bugle beads: alternatively you can use seed beads but it’ll just take more beads and time to string.
  • 1 two inch Head Pin.
  • Wire cutters and round nose pliers.


Spooky Spiders - Step 1, Cut Wire

  • Cut 4 lengths of wire. These will create your 8 legs.

Spooky Spiders - Steps 3 to 7

  • Add 1st bent wire to head pin on top of large bead. Cross the wires and pull to make a tight loop around the head pin.
  • Repeat with the other legs.
  • Add the smaller bead on top of the legs.  This will be the head.
  • Using your wire cutters, trim the head pin allowing for enough room to make a loop.
  • Using your round nose pliers, create a loop. This will allow you to string up or attach your spooky spider to things and make it look like they are crawling up it.

**Alternative option: You can begin this project with adding the smaller bead to the head pin first.  This will create the illusion that your spider is dropping down once you string it up.

Spooky Spiders - Steps 8 to 10

  • Add bugle beads to legs.  Add as many or as few as you’d like.  The more beads the longer the legs.  I recommend using an odd number of beads.
  • Create a loop to finish off the leg.  This one will be easier to do than the head pin.
  • Lather, rinse, repeat across the other 7 legs.

TA-DA! Now you have a spooky spider!

Now it’s time to decide what you will do with your spider.  Create a brooch by adding a pin.  Some chain or fishing line and earrings would create a creepy accessory.  One year, I added some chain and a sparkly hair clip and stuck in my hair. Subtly spooky =)

Spooky Spiders - hair clip

What will you do with your Spooky Spider?

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  1. These are super cute and fun! Very creative! Thanks for linking up at Totally Terrific Tuesday Link party!! Happy you stopped by and hope you make it back tomorrow at 10pm to link up again :)

  2. I always enjoy arts and crafts, I think it appeals to a meticulous nature that likes to work fine details and make something unique. This is a neat idea I would like to try sometime.

    1. It is quite an exact project. Wire work always it. I tend to scrap most of my wire projects because they don’t meet my standard. I have another one coming. Nailed the first try but subsequent projects have been sub-par. Watch for it =)

    1. Thanks Tasha. They’re my favorite beaded/wire craft to make. Maybe I’ll update the images soon. Those are from last year.

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