Scare Up A Halloween Wreath For $5!

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5!

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Hello there =)

How many wreaths do you own?  I have two core wreaths, grapevine and evergreen.  I limit myself to 2 for two reasons.  One, I would only fork over money to buy two good wreath storage containers. Two, I’m bad at keeping my door decorated… why splurge on more?  So a 2 Wreath Challenge it is!

Ok, full disclosure… I have a 3rd smaller Christmas one, but it hasn’t ever been used.  So that doesn’t count.

I brought my trusty grapevine wreath out this haunting season and it’s time to get ready for Halloween!  After taking the hearts & ribbon off my 2015 Valentine’s Day Wreath, I started scouring dollar bins for the creepiest (and least expensive) accents I could find.

Between Dollar Tree and the Dollar Spot bins at Target, I made my plain wreath creep-tastic for only $5!  Let’s see how I did it.  Super simple!  Lots of pictures in this one =)

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5!

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5!

Items I Had (from Valentine’s Day wreath)

  • Grapevine Wreath
  • 2 Prong Clips
  • Felt – black for Jack ‘o’ lantern faces, scraps for clips

Creep-tastic Supplies

  • Burlap Ribbon – it also came in solid black and orange.  I went chevron for more texture.
  • Foam Pumpkin Shapes – glitter and non-glitter were in one package
  • Halloween Floral
  • Creepy Creature of Your Choice: Bat, Spider, Ghost, Etc.
  • Cotton Balls

First, I wrapped one roll of chevron print, burlap “ribbon” around the wreath.  I secured the ends by tucking them in the wreath’s nooks and crannies and held together with a 2 prong clip.

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5!

Next, I created my pumpkin clips.  This way, I can easily un-decorate my wreath November 1st AND have decorations ready to go for next year.

If you’re new to adding 2 prong clips to things, I’ll spare you the mistake I made.  Twice…  Place a piece of felt between the prongs BEFORE adhering it to your surface.  Otherwise you’ll glue the clip shut.

Stop laughing… ;)

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5!

Add your creepy creature.  I slipped two twist ties through my spider by the back legs and attached to the wreath.

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5!

A wreath isn’t a wreath without florals, right?  I picked up a purple berry-like floral from Dollar Tree and removed each stem from the main base to create 6 mini florals.  From there, I tucked each stem into the wreath, hiding the raw edge of the broken stem behind the burlap.

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5!

Voila!  Halloween wreath!

Wait… It’s missing something…  I polled a trusted friend, our very own Two Uses Tuesday co-host Stella, and she said it needs to be spookier.  Ok, she told be exactly what it needed but I don’t want to give it away yet.

Pretend you didn’t see the finished product above ;)

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5!

Did you know you can un-roll a cotton ball?  Yeah, I was surprised myself.  Especially when I came up with the thought, tried it and it actually worked.

Gently push the center of the cotton ball out and slowly unroll.  From there you can pull it apart to create a cob web effect.   I draped the cotton ball cob webs across the wreath letting it fall and stick where it wanted.  Perfect for a Halloween wreath!

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5! - Make webs out of unrolled cotton balls

Sorry no pictures of the Jack ‘o’ lantern face making… but all I did was cut shapes out of felt to create faces.  I glued the felt faces on with Martha Stewart all purpose adhesive.  I tried drawing the faces with a Sharpie and painting them on but felt just looked the best.  Nice, clean lines.

My boyfriend even got in on the fun.  Can you guess which 2 faces he made?

Scare Up a Halloween Wreath for $5! - Faces and webs

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I was super excited to hang this up!  Just the right amount of color and Halloween fun.  I’ll be sad to see it come down at the end of the month but just think how easy it will be to move on to the next wreath?!

What’s on your front door right now?

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  1. Hi, Sarah ~ This wreath is so cute, and I LOVE the idea of using clips so it can be switched out from one holiday to the next. So ingenious! Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday Link Party! Hope to see you on Sunday night!

    1. Thanks Tiffany =) I hope to be there. Started editing the images for the latest craft. hopefully I get it done.

  2. Super cute wreath! Love the clip idea what a great way to reuse a wreath form without all the mess of deconstruction!

  3. This looks absolutely amazing! Pinned and tweeted. You always bring the most amazing creations to our party. Thank you! I hope to see you again, this Monday at 7 pm. It wouldn’t be a party without you! Lou Lou Girls

  4. What a super cute creation! I love the Halloween colors, too. Thanks so much for sharing with us at Funtastic Friday.

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