DIY Christmas Wreath Easy As 1 2 3

1 2 3 DIY Christmas Wreath | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)

Are you ready for Christmas?? I am not.  So many gifts to buy and then wrap… The decorations are still in boxes in my living room.  And the tree still needs to be picked out and put up.  But my front door is ready!  How about yours?

Today we’re going to put together our Christmas wreath in the best way I know how: 30 minutes or less.  You will probably spend more time gathering/buying your supplies than you will assembling.  Heck, this post will take longer to write ;)

Sticking to my two wreath challenge, this project will be made with my 2nd circular core piece: an evergreen wreath.

Let’s get started!

DIY Christmas wreath, easy as 1-2-3! | Sarah Celebrates

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We only need a few things:

  • Evergreen wreath – I like to find ones that have some texture on it already.  The one I’m using has a couple kinds of greenery and can convert from a swag to a wreath.
  • Cute focal piece – I’m specially fond of penguin decorations at Pier One.
  • Christmas or wintery floral picks/sprays – Check out your local Joann’s or Hobby Lobby for something fun!  Or find some inspiration below:
  • Floral wire – totally optional but handy if want to discretely secure pieces.

Now don’t blink.  This is going to go real quick.  Ready?


1 2 3 Christmas Wreath-Start with a wreath | Sarah Celebrates

Lay out your wreath.  Fluff the boughs and arrange as needed to give a nice full look.


1 2 3 Christmas Wreath-Add Cuteness | Sarah Celebrates

Place your cuteness on the wreath.  A little floral wire can go a long way to help secure items.  See the loop at the top of my penguin?  I just loop that on the wreath hanger.  No floral wire was used in the hanging of this penguin.


1 2 3 Christmas Wreath - All done! 1 2 3 DIY Christmas Wreath | Sarah Celebrates

Add your floral picks.  Just stick them in.  Seriously.  Weave them in the branches, bend a part of the wreath around it to secure or use a bit of floral wire.  Play with them to make them fuller until you’re satisfied.

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Don’t let yourself play too long… One, you’ll never be happy if you do.  And two, you gotta get this done in 30 minutes!

1 2 3 Christmas Wreath-Show it off | Sarah Celebrates

See, I wasn’t kidding, easy peasy!  

I’d love to see how your wreath turned out! Tag me on social media or use #sarahcelebrates What kind of wreath did you get?  Did you buy your cute center piece or maybe you made it!  I need to know!

Now sit back and relax knowing your door is at it’s cutest!

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