Alice Inspired Drink Me Bottle

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Hello there =)

Have you ever come across something that absolutely consumes your thoughts?  Simple everyday items remind you of this thought?  Your Google searches are littered with it?  Of course this happens to you, that’s why you’re here ;)

This past Christmas my boyfriend received a video game called Alice: Madness Returns (mature content).  It’s a dark Alice in Wonderland story where she’s escaping the real world to Wonderland once again but her dream world has been tarnished and the fight begins to save it.  Or something like that…

Alice Bottles - Go Among Mad People | Sarah Celebrates

Since he started playing it I have been stark raving mad about Alice in Wonderland!  The imagery & color in the video game, it’s haunting soundtrack, the nostalgia of the Disney classic and reciting quotes like you wouldn’t believe.

Naturally all my craft and travelers notebook supplies started taking on Alice over-tones… Might as well show them off and blog about it.

Alice Inspired ‘Drink Me’ Bottle

Alice Drink Me Bottles - Supplies | Sarah Celebrates
Corked bottle, glitter, twine and key.

What You’ll Need:

I started this project to add this as a charm on my new Alice: Madness Returns inspired travelers notebook I’m working on (watch for that post).  Looking back, I should have found plastic bottles…

Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction. ~The Doorknob

Ready for how easy this is?  I am the Queen of 30 Minute Crafts after all.  This post took longer to write than it did to make the bottle, photograph it and edit images ;)

  1. Uncork bottle.
  2. Fill with glitter.
  3. Dab some glue around the cork and seal the bottle.
  4. Write ‘Drink Me’ on paper scrap. Punch hole in paper.
  5. Optional: Laminate your ‘Drink Me’ paper.
  6. Tie ‘Drink Me’ label and key around neck of bottle.
  7. Enjoy!
Alice Drink Me Bottles - Drink Me Tag and Key | Sarah Celebrates
Cherry-tart. Custard. Pineapple. Roast turkey.

Oh… before I forget…

A very merry Un-Birthday to you!

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  1. This is such a cute craft. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kate |

    1. Thanks Kate! I tried to dye the inside of another bottle blue… didn’t have the correct kind of dye.

  2. Ha ha…love it. Quick awesome craft….super cute too. Love Alice in Wonderland…so many quirky ideas.

    Thanks for linking up to Marvelous Monday on Smart Party Planning.

  3. That is adorable. I love Alice in Wonderland. I still have a VHS of the television miniseries from the 80’s. My favorite version with Sammy Davis and Carol Channing (she was kinda scary)

    Did you get the bottle from the craft store? I’m looking for some to put my son’s Herkimer Diamonds in.

    Thanks for sharing this cute idea!!

  4. Thank you for contributing to Motivational Monday!

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