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Hello there =)

There is always something you’d rather be doing when you should be working.  Then, when you actually have the time to do it, you don’t.  Why is that?

Because it’s more fun when you shouldn’t be doing it ;)  Let’s see what I’d rather be doing when I’m supposed to be working the 9 to 5, shall we?

Things I’d Rather Be Doing

#52Lists2015 List 18

Things Id Rather Be Doing, List 18 #52List2015 | Sarah Celebrates
What do you long to do when you’re supposed to be working?

How fitting is it that I took a day off from work today and I actually CAN do some of these things?  Six of these are on my to-do list today too.  Can you guess which ones? Let’s see if I can make the most of my day off and do them all!

  • Napping – Who doesn’t love a nap?  I think the workplace should implement a mandatory nap time like pre-school.  The world would be a nicer, less cranky place.
  • Buying craft supplies – Do I need any?  No.  Will I still buy some? Heck yeah!
  • Taking pictures – I crave to do this one all the time while I’m work.  Rotten work hours having all the best sunlight times…
  • Be on vacation – And boy do I need one… soon, soon.
  • Have a stay-cation – This might happen instead of an actual vacation but I love it just the same =)
  • Playing on a playground – More specifically, swinging on the swings.
  • Browsing at The Fish Place – The ONLY place I’ll buy fish for my tanks.  It’s fun just too look too.
  • Blogging – I always want to write new stuff for ya =)
  • Cleaning & Purging Junk – Really, truly, honestly only ever want to do this when I can’t be doing it.
  • Playing with puppies – Enough said.
  • Lunch with a loved one – I’d love to do this everyday =)

I hope you enjoyed the things I daydream about doing while I’m working!  What would you rather be doing right now?

Be sure to check out The List of Lists, updated weekly, to keep up on my #52Lists2015 and find some ideas for your own list series!

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