Look In The Mirror…

Look in the mirror... that's your competition. #MondayMotivation

Look in the mirror…

that’s your competition.

We watch people from afar; what they have, what they do, what they achieve.  Let their successes inspire you to compete against the real challenger, yourself.

Each day is a new opportunity to be a better you.  Eat a little better.  Push yourself a little harder.  Be nicer to… everyone.  You can truly only be better than yesterday’s you.

So what’s today’s challenge?

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  1. Hello Shara,
    Here are a few quotes I have saved that are positive and hopefully Motovating.

    1 . Be like a postage stamp; stick to one thing till you get there.
    2. Hug your kids at home. Belt them in the car.
    3. Kindness consists in loving people more than they deserve.
    4.If you don’t care where you are going any road will get you there.
    5. The Best way to determine what motivates people ? Ask Them !

    So what motovates you?

    I hope only to have said something positive here to lift up those who want to be Motovated.

    1. Hi Greg! Those are great! I’m motivated by people who like to learn as it inspires me to create things for them. Creating inspiration boards also help at keeping the eye on the prize.

  2. Ah I could not agree more. That is my motivation to be the kindness me that I can be. I have linked up my post from yesterday. Thank you for hosting and good luck with it xx

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