Sad Stella

#SCsundaysnap - Sad Stella | Sarah Celebrates
ISO 1600 | f 5.6 | 1/60 | lens 18-55mm

Hello there =)

This is Stella, my boyfriends brothers boxer.  We dog-sat her one weekend over the winter.  While exploring our house, she found a bone that belonged to our old dog.  We haven’t packed up his stuff yet… too painful.

Her mouth was too short and couldn’t open wide enough to chew on it so she settled in on her blanket and pouted with it.  Poor Stella =(

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    1. It was awful! But funny at the same time; she tried so hard to chew that bone. Wish I could take credit for the name =)

    1. =( I know! I think what makes it look even worse is having her own special blanket in the mix to aid in how pouty she was.

  1. That bone looks set to stay with her even if she can’t get her chops into it! #AnimalTales

    1. She kept trying, I’ll give her that. I never even tried to takeit from her, but you’re right I probably wouldn’t have gotten it away from her.

    1. Thanks for hosting such a sweet party =) We’re going to find something smaller for her the next time she stays with us.

  2. Lucas says – Awww poor Stella but I bet she didn’t want to share the bone….. #animaltales

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