Make A Wish

Make A Wish #Captured

White dandelion, puff balls, wish makers.

Whatever you call them, they’ve been delighting children forever. Whisking their wishes off with the¬†breeze to a faraway land that will hopefully grant them.

Or the neighbors yard. But still, you wished anyways.

[Tweet “Make a wish and throw your cares into the wind.”]

Strolling through my mom’s yard this past week, to tire out her pup, I came across dozens of white puffs. And yes, I indulged in a wish or three =)

Good news, there are still plenty of wish makers in training ready for another round!

What are you wishing for?

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  1. I would wish for happiness, it’s been a long few months. This is a great post, I love it. I hope your wished come true.

  2. I used to wish for happiness too, isn’t that funny? Now I wish to be happier – and my wish often comes true! Perhaps only incrementally but that doesn’t matter does it?

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