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I stopped by the cemetery the other day to say hi to my grandma.  I realized her flowers were desperately faded and made a note to buy new ones.  You’re not allowed to plant live things in this cemetery so she has fabric flowers.  They really look very lovely.  Until they fade.

Any who, I took my camera along with me.  Everyday I pass the outskirts of the place and admire the trees within.  Some are flowering, others have burgundy colored leaves.  Just very pretty.  Peaceful.

I suppose that’s the point.

I love shots from at the base of tree trunks looking up.  Armed with my trusty camera, all the time I wanted and a gentle breeze whispering through the leaves I was ready to snap a gallery full of these trees.

I stooped under a short flowering tree planted in memory of a gentleman, aimed, focused and what do I see?

Super hero watching over a super man

A super hero figurine secured to one of the branches.  Positioned precisely so that he’s looking down on the name plaque of the gentleman this tree is growing in memory of.

A tear came to my eye.  I think I went “awww” out loud.  I would love to know the story behind it.

Was it his favorite super hero?  An inside joke?

Perhaps it was this family’s way of having a super hero watch over a super man.  May he rest in peace and soar above the clouds watching over the ones he loves.

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  1. What a beautiful story, I love how someone has done this for a loved one

    Thank you for linking up

    1. Thank you for stopping by =) I’m trying to wander just a little bit more each time I visit my loved ones to see more stories

  2. What a neat find. I’m curious too about the story behind it. Also, interesting this cemetery won’t allow live plants. Most I’m familiar with only allow live plants except in the middle of winter. It’s nice that you can stop by periodically to visit. All of my grandparents’ graves are far away although I have been able to get to one for my maternal grandmother a couple of times when I travel across the state.

    1. Thank you for stopping over. I think the cemetery wants to limit care needed to plants and doesn’t want something that could take over their own landscaping. The fake ones look nice though =)

  3. Haha, this caught my eye and made me laugh X #mysundayphoto

  4. Now I am curious too! A lovely find =)


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