Rotten Rabbits…

Hello there =)

Our yard has always been frequented by a bunny or two.  They’d never stay long or get too comfortable because they knew the second that door opened a large, brown beast full of teeth was on their tails.

Sadly, we had to let our bunny chasing friend go just before winter hit in 2014… And the bunnies are in their glory.  Rotten rabbits…

SCsundaysnap - Fluffy Friend, Lazy Bunny | Sarah Celebrates
ISO 1600 | f 6.3 | 1/500 | lens 18-55mm

Look!  Just look how relaxed he is!  All stretched out and not caring that I was several feet away!

SCsundaysnap - Fluffy Friend, Interrupted Lounging | Sarah Celebrates
ISO 1600 | f 6.3 | 1/500 | lens 18-55mm

I got a little closer and that got him a little nerved up.  Enough to sit up at least…

SCsundaysnap - Fluffy Friend, Oh You're Still There | Sarah Celebrates
ISO 1600 | f 6.3 | 1/500 | lens 18-55mm

As I squatted down, he hopped away but pausing long enough to look back as if to say, “Oh, you’re still there?”

Do your backyard fluffy friends make themselves at home?

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  1. Do they eat your foliage? They are cute, but I imagine they might also be pests.

    1. I’m sure they do but other than the grass and bushes (which we dont’ care about) there’s not much else for them. I think they’re using us for our shade ;)

  2. So cute! I wish we have bunny but we dont have a garden so no chance hehe. #mysundayphoto

  3. so very cute. we don’t have bunnies in queensland as there is a rabbit proof fence which keeps them down south, and a $44,000.00 fine for having one in your possession! yep you read that right $44K!

  4. Yup! We have one of these little guys who makes his home in our berry bushes. He doesn’t seem to nibble on anything in our garden (that I can tell right now) so I let him be. He has a very distinct black mark on his face so we always know that’s “our” bunny. :)

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