100 Happy Days – Week Seven

 Mirror, mirror on the wall,

Who’s the happiest girl of all?

100 Happy Days - Week 7 | Sarah Celebrates

Welcome to week seven of my 100 Happy Days!  My posts on Instagram have been coming out a little late in the day…  I haven’t been purposefully doing things to make me happy.  Once the day is almost done, I look back on it and find what made me smile and go from there =)  I suppose it doesn’t matter when the happy happens, as long as it happens.  There’s still time to join in!  Start your 100 Happy Days today!

43) More Wine Cork Crafts –  I started collecting wine corks awhile back simply because I wanted to keep them in a jar for decoration.  Then all the wine cork crafts starting pouring in on Pinterest.  Watch for the latest wine cork craft on Monday =)

44) Christmas Tree Day –  My mom and I go together each year to pick out our Christmas trees.  Searching through the trees doesn’t usually take long.  We get them trimmed up and help each other put them in the stand and straighten them out. Team work!

45) Happy Handmade Friends – My niece gave me the idea to make pom pom snowmen this year.  I’ve been admiring these guys all week.  The red hat made it to my tree the other day.

46) Out Early – OMG!  Leaving a bloodwork appointment 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment time!  That’s unheard of!  This may be my new favorite Quest location.

47) Lit Up & Trimmed – A star on top will complete all the scenery.  Like our star?  Our tree is also inhabited by an army of demented snowmen guided by their moose Generals.  The word you’re looking for is creative ;)

48) Stickers!! – I always enjoy cards from my Aunt Janet.  There are always stickers: inside, outside, on the envelope.

49) Optimistic Fortunes – I try to share a fortune cookie every Friday.  I love when they give you hope and reassurance.


How will you be happy this week?

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    1. I love cookies =) Don’t know if I’ll eat the gingerbread ones.. they’re awfully thin and well cooked. But it was fun making them.

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