Must Have Beauty Products #52Lists2015

52 Lists 2015, loving life one list at a time | Sarah Celebrates

Must Have Beauty Items

52 Lists 2015

Hello there =)

You’re going on a surprise weekend getaway and only have 1 hour to pack. Quick!  What do you toss in your overnight bag?

We all have our favorites that go with us everywhere.  I thought I’d share mine with you =)

Must Have Beauty Items #52Lists2015 | Sarah Celebrates

1) Lip Love – I keep my pout perfect with a daily routine of LUSH Lip Scrub & Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick (fondly nick-named my glue stick).

2) Bat Those Lashes – Some ladies don’t leave the house without lipstick on, I don’t leave without my lashes curled and a coat of Cover Girl mascara.  I’ve tried several brands of mascara but always come back to Cover Girl.

3) Subtle Color – When I manage to get some makeup on my face it’s very natural.  The lids see a sweeping of Mary Kay shadows Sweet Cream, Spun Silk and Crystalline.  On a daring day you might see some Emerald.  I can’t stand lipstick but need some color.  Enter Dior’s Lip Glow.  A light balm that adds a hint of color.

4) Soft As A Baby’s Behind – Girl’s gotta have soft skin, right?  Vaseline Cocoa Radiant and the True Blue Spa line at Bath & Body Works are my go to’s.  What is your favorite lotion?

5) Barely There Coverage – Again, not much of a makeup person so foundation is painful.  I’ve tried liquid and powder foundations.  I just felt so made up… I’ve recently been adding a touch of color supplement from LUSH to my daily moisturizer.  It’s just enough coverage without the heavy feeling.

Must Have Beauty Items, Subtle Color #52Lists2015 | Sarah Celebrates

What are your must have beauty items?

Be sure to check out all of The List of Lists #52Lists2015!  It has links to all my lists and maybe you’ll find some inspiration for your lists!

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  1. I’m going to have to look into the color supplement at LUSH. Sounds great! I currently use Tarte’s BB Cream, which I like, but I love LUSH products! Thanks for sharing!

    1. HUGE Lush fan! I tried Maybelline CC cream mixed with moisturizer, it was nice but still too much for me. I’m aiming to just need touch up spots and no foundation

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