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Hello there =)

There just a few days left in January’s Well With Water 30 Day Challenge.  The initial goal of  #WellWithWater was to drink a gallon of water a day.  I would float away so my goal was 36-64 oz.  Monday through Friday I did well, weekends… no so much.

How did you do?  Do you think you’ll keep the habits you’ve created over the past month?  I plan on it and coupled with February’s challenge I’ll be able to rule the world!  Or at least zip up my pants better, which is pretty much the same thing.  Right?

What is February’s 30 Day Challenge you ask?  Well, lace up your sneakers and I’ll tell you =)

Walk Ten Thousand | Sarah Celebrates

~The Challenge~

I challenge you to walk ten thousand steps each day.  Yes, you read that correctly; 10,000.  I did some research (Googled it and clicked a few links.  Highly scientific.) and found that on average, in several different studies, Americans take an average of 5300-ish steps per day. I told you it was highly scientific ;)

Whether the stats are true or not, think of how much extra calories you’d burn and energy you’ll gain if you just tacked on a few thousand more steps per day.

~Setting Your Goal~

No finagling on this one.  Your goal is ten thousand.  =)  The challenge hashtag is #WalkTenThousand to follow along.

~What You’ll Need~

Walk Ten Thousand, Sneakers and fitbit zip | Sarah Celebrates

  • Sneakers
  • Pedometer – I love my FitBit Zip
  • Upbeat music – optional =)
  • Walking buddy – also optional but would make it easier and more fun

~Encouragement and Support~

I’ve created a Facebook group and G+ community for this and future Sarah Celebrates 30 Day Challenges. I will be posting my goals, check in’s and tidbits I find related to our challenge. Stop by and don’t forget to invite your friends!!!

Facebook page: 30 Day Challenges with Sarah Celebrates
Google + Community: {Sarah Celebrates} 30 Day Challenges

Now go out there, get some good sneakers and get walking!

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  1. It’s totally doable, I have been a mean walking machine for awhile, with my stride I am done with the steps in about 6.5 kilometres ( no idea what it does in miles) remember that the steps you take around the house and doing non workout activities also count :-)

    1. I will do it =) On a good day I get about 5500. Need to ramp up on the doing stuff around the house for those steps =)

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