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I started my Sarah Celebrates 30 Day Challenges to encourage myself (and hopefully others) to tackle some goals we often make for ourselves but give up on. Thirty days is such a short time, surely we can commit to that.

Last month we took a minute to enjoy & connect with ourselves with the #MinuteOfMe challenge. Preparing for the holidays can be stressful and sometimes in times of stress we tend to to neglect ourselves. How did you do with the #MinuteOfMe challenge?

And now January is upon us… A month of renewal and new beginnings. People are ripe with ambition and energy. New Years Resolutions are a plenty and most revolve around health and fitness goals. I am no different. How about you?

I think this calls for a healthy lifestyle type of challenge =)

#wellwithwater 30 Day Challenge | Sarah Celebrates

It’s recommended we drink eight glasses of water a day! What?! I don’t know about you, but hydration is something I struggle with. Particularly of the water variety. Some days, the extent of my liquid intake half a pot of coffee in the AM and milk with dinner. Seriously.

~The Challenge~

We are going to get #WellWithWater. I challenge you to drink a gallon of water each day.

Ok, ok! Hear me out. I don’t expect you to drink a whole gallon; most of us would float away or spend the month in the bathroom… raises hand But making a conscious effort to increase your intake should improve your health significantly; from controlling appetite to making your skin look better.

~Setting Your Goal~

Start by identifying how much water you drink on a good day. I drink one of these… I think it’s about 16 oz and I’m in the bathroom CONSTANTLY (TMI, so sorry).

Well with Water - good day of water | Sarah Celebrates

Then use that as a baseline to set your goal. I’m going to drink 2 of these a day; a good day times two.

Well with Water - water goal | Sarah Celebrates

By just setting a goal and writing it down you’re taking the first step. Increase the goal as the month goes on. Who knows… Maybe by the end of the month I’ll be drinking 4 of those water bottles ;)

Watch for my post What I Expect Out Of The #WellWithWater Challenge

I also decided to give back during this challenge. I believe we often take for granted the availability of clean water in our lives. There are so many people that don’t have access to water, let alone clean water.

In conjunction with the #WellWithWater challenge, I will be supporting Charity Water Org. I have set a goal of $500 and will be donating $31 at the start of the challenge, possibly more. Please feel free to donate at the Sarah Celebrates Well With Water campaign. See the How To Join section below for ways you can keep yourself accountable to the challenge and supporting this charity along the way.

~How To Join~

There will be 3 ways you can join/participate in the Well With Water challenge. All three are completely voluntary and honor system based. This challenge is to make a better you and  that starts with you =)

1) Set a goal.  Sign up below.  Drink some water.

2) See #1 AND donate $31 dollars to Sarah Celebrates Well With Water campaign on Charity Water.

3) See #’s 1 & 2 AND donate a $1 to Sarah Celebrates Well With Water campaign for each day you don’t reach your water goal.


I’ve created a Facebook group and G+ community for this and future Sarah Celebrates 30 Day Challenges. I will be posting my goals, check in’s and tidbits I find related to our challenge. Stop by and don’t forget to invite your friends!!!

Facebook page: 30 Day Challenges with Sarah Celebrates
Google + Community: {Sarah Celebrates} 30 Day Challenges

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  1. Hi I’m popping over from How To Get Organized At Home and just wanted to say thank you for sharing. What a great idea such a simple challenge and that means that you have a greater chance of success. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I love drinking water. This is a great challenge to help everyone drink a little more water each day.

  3. So one of my goals this year is to drink more water. I notice I feel so much better when I do! This is a great challenge that I’ll be trying!

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