Getting Healthy & Fit (Again)

Getting Healthy & Fit (again)Hello there =)

I began this post in my head like I do most of my posts.  This one was full of negativity and I fought back tears as I muttered my lack of fitness successes under my breath.  I was miserable.

And then I worked out.  Just a simple 30 minute workout and I was a new person!

I went from literally crying over every roll that oozed over my yoga pants as I downward dogged to feeling super sexy; swearing I lost an inch on my waist in that short 30 minutes.

I sat there on my yoga mat, in all my new sexiness, and swore that I had to do something to look and feel even better; changes needed to be made! Just to make sure we’re all on the same page: we all know I really didn’t lose an inch in that one work out right?

But the power of positivity… am I right?

Today’s post is a bit long & wordy.  Stick around if you need some fitness motivation.  I’m a mess just like you ;)

The History

My mom struggled with her weight for as long as I can remember.  Her weight loss journey was never negatively displayed in front of me, instead she focused making sure I had a good foundation when it came to nutrition.  Because of that, I always ate healthy.

Almost always… Grandma’s house had a lot of goodies ;)  That’s what Grandma’s are for.

I danced.  A lot.  My teen years through my mid-twenties danced 4-6 days a week for a few hours each day. I was that girl that could eat anything she wanted; a bottomless pit they called me.  I rarely weighed myself and I just focused on how my clothes fit.

Up until 2009…

That was the year I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  My food and fitness worlds were turned upside down.  The limited diet, the steroids, the depression.  Binge & secret eating.  I was a mess.  I was nearly 200 pounds.  In a matter of weeks, I grew 4 pants sizes and nothing but my yoga pants fit.

Don’t fret, the Crohn’s is under control and my diet is pretty much back to normal.  Maybe I’ll tell that story someday…  But back to getting healthy and fit again.

In 2014, I joined Weight Watchers and lost 22 pounds in 6 months.  That was on diet alone.  Not bad, not bad at all!  I don’t need this system anymore, I can do it on my own.  ::Click cancel account button::

And then I gained it all back.  I was wrong.  Horribly, horribly wrong.

So what has this taught me?

The Lesson

There is no quick “fix”.  No one time miracle pill or program to take it all away forever.  Forever being the key word.  There are products that help and jump start the process, but it’s just a start.

Getting fit, healthy and lean is a lifestyle.   It takes hard work, focus and planning.

Lesson learned.

The Goal

Lose weight ;)

Isn’t that what we all want?  Dropping pounds is really just the first and initial goal.  In addition, I have a few specific pieces of clothing I’d like to feel comfortable in and more energy would be wonderful.

But while I’m getting started, just losing those first pounds is good enough.

I set some weight loss goals and rewards to treat myself to when I reach them.  See what I did there? When I reach them. I will do this!

  • 5 lbs – Peanut butter cookie – The lunch place by my work has awesome peanut butter cookies.  I’ve been denying myself them until I can prove to myself that I can do this.
  • 10 lbs – Pedicure – Toes gotta look good too!
  • 15 lbs – New panties (oo la la) – By this time, most pairs I own should be a little loose…
  • 20 lbs – tank top from this Etsy shop – I discovered this shop at a craft fair.  Their items run a little small so I’ve held off on buying anything, until I hit this goal that is!  The Muscles & Mascara one is looking pretty cute.
  • 25 lbs – sweatshirt from the same Etsy shop – See 20 pounds =)
  • 30 lbs – A massage – I get massages regularly as part of my self-care routine but I think I’m going to splurge and get a new kind or maybe a longer session.
  • 35 lbs – A Stitch Fix order – I have been dying to try this!  At this point I deserve a wardrobe splurge.

Yes, a whole 35 pounds.  My doctor would love for me to lose that much, probably more.  I’m going to try, but if some other real-life wins happen first I’ll probably be satisfied.

Like, if I shake the pasta strainer and my love handles don’t bounce, win.  If that little black dress in the back of my closet that has been neglected fits like a dream, win.

What small, health related real-life wins do you want to accomplish?

It doesn't get easier, you get better

The Plan

Losing weight and getting fit takes hard work and focused nutrition.

To help me get back on track with both, I joined Team Beach Body as an On Demand Customer last spring.  With it, I have access to stream videos from all the older Beach Body workout programs (P90X series, Slim in 6, Insanity ).  I can also purchase the newer programs like 21 Day Fix, Cize and (coming soon) Country Heat.  Those give me the physical DVDs AND online streaming access.

If you need a wonderfully cheery motivator, my BF Renee is a Beach Body coach.  You can find her on Facebook here. She’d love to help you!

I’m getting started with the 21 Day Fix workout program and meal plan for, you guessed it, twenty one days.  Laser focused meal plan and 7 workouts, one for each day of the week.

Yes, the program itself says “fix” and I know this isn’t a one and done thing.  The workouts are intense and portioned eating is hard!  I plan on repeating the program every other month and doing other workouts every other day when I’m not on the plan.

As you read this I’m halfway through my first round.  I have faithfully done the workouts, even when my legs were screaming from the day before.  The meal plan, eh… I’m working on it.  Changing my relationship with food is proving to be hard, but I’m keeping at it.

I’m regretting not taking before and after photos… Others like to take them and post them online to show off their results.  I didn’t because my journey is not for anyone else.  It’s mine.  I’m doing it for me, not anyone else.

I should have still taken them for myself.  Next round…

One extra thing I’m doing: my boy and I bought bicycles!  So when it’s not too hot outside we’re cruising around town. Or the nearby cemetery. It’s not as creepy as you think.

The Challenge

Today’s post is to let you know that you’re not alone. I struggle too. We all struggle. I’ve challenged myself to get healthy and comfortable in my own skin again.

Now I’m challenging you!

What ONE THING can you do that would make you feel ten times better about yourself?  Lose 5 pounds? Go to bed a little earlier so you have more energy?  Set that goal and let’s work towards it!

Share it with me!  Let me cheer you on!

Here’s to getting healthy & fit (again)!

Disclosure: I am not a doctor, licensed fitness instructor/coach, nutritionist/dietitian or any type of health care provider.  Please consult your primary care doctor before starting any workout or meal plan regimen.  Be safe.  Your life depends on it.

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  1. “*Groan* I don’t wanna think about.” That’s my initial reaction to all things health based. My relationship with food isn’t too bad but I am easily swayed into dangerous territory.

    I am celebrating the fact that I have been doing my shoulder exercises, pain is a real good motivator.

    As for normal exercises, I have totally fallen off that wagon. But recently I was listening to a Gretchin Rubin podcast about habits and rewards and….exercising.

    My mind was blown, and that’s pretty hard to do. I’m still reeling from one specific concept they discussed. I could blather on about it a lot, treats v’s rewards and all sorts, but what really got me was that the reward for exercise should not be food – it should be more exercise. I was like ‘What? Madness!’

    And then they talked about kids and books and that the reward for reading was more books and I was all ‘Of course! How awesome. I would have loved that.’

    And so the reward for exercise is more exercise started to make sense in some way, perhaps a new yoga mat, or cute workout top or something that will make me feel more interested in exercising. Something exercise related if not actual exercises. I’m still trying to get my head and emotions around how I feel about that.

    1. Your comments make me LOL, seriously. It truly is amazing how one workout can change my whole mood. Endorphins and such. I’m so proud of you doing your shoulder exercises!! That is huge and you will feel better for it. It’s a start =)

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