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Tries Lead to Success, Amazing Success | Sarah Celebrates

Hello there =)

We are six days into the Walk Ten Thousand 30 Day Challenge and I have yet to surpass 6000 steps in a day let alone 10,000… Heck, I barely made it over 5000 on my best day.  Here I am, trying to inspire and motivate others to achieve these 30 Day Challenges on G+ and FB and I can’t even do it.  I should just give up…

On a phone call with my mom Tuesday night, I choked back tears as I told her how things just weren’t going the way I wanted. I wasn’t meeting my steps goals.  I put back on all the weight that I lost last spring.  I didn’t like my workout routine anymore… I just can’t achieve what I want to.  She reminded me that I have a good head on my shoulders and I am good at creating a plans for success.

Then the words of a fellow blogger Jessica of Sips of Sanity filled my head: I’m just going to try again.

Try, it leads to better things #success | Sarah Celebrates

Try again.  Yes, yes you can do that.  That’s what life is, a series of tries and fails and more tries.  What turns a try into a success is determination with a splash of positive attitude.  I found my determination after that phone call with my mom and it ignited a little bit of positive attitude.

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I started my 30 Day Challenges to improve upon myself.  They served a good purpose but I think I have been using them a way to make me feel better rather than BE better.  I need to be more purposeful about achieving my goals. And a lingering one has been getting back to my pre-Crohn’s medication weight, for good.

The first step was to rejoin Weight Watchers, which I did on Wednesday.  It’s a good program.  Sure getting in 10,000 steps and drinking more water are improvements but I need discipline and structure.  I only quit because I wanted to eat cinnamon rolls 2 times a week but didn’t have the points to ;)  Join me on Weight Watchers; the names SarahCelebrates ;)

I’m still working on my Walk Ten Thousand a day… I’ll do it.  But once I feel comfortable in my own skin again I’ll be unstoppable!

What’s holding you back from trying again?

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  1. You can do it! Every day that you don’t meet your goals, the next day:

    (1) pick yourself up
    (2) dust yourself off
    (3) give yourself a hug
    (4) reset your goals for the day
    (5) get going
    (6) keep trying
    (7) repeat!

  2. When you first do not succeed try try again I’m not sure who said that again but always love that saying. Glad you are not giving up! What a great post to get some of the rest of to try again thanks for sharing!

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