100 Happy Days – Week Ten

Hello there =)

Welcome to Week 10 of my 100 Happy Days!  The holidays are over and I’m back to work.  Sigh.  Being home was so nice; oodles of happiness was to be found…  There are still happy moments in the day, I just have to be more purposeful in appreciating the little things.

Happiness is around every corner.

100 Happy Days - Week 10 | Sarah Celebrates

64) Cotton Candy Machine – I was at a lose as to what I should buy one of my nephews for Christmas.  I texted grandma for ideas which prompted a series of replies right out of the mouth of said nephew.  One of which was a cotton candy machine.  Low and behold I found one at The Christmas Tree Shop for $30.  Best thing about it?  You can make cotton candy with ANY hard candy!  No need to find and buy that crazy floss sugar.

65) Water Goal Met – Oh all the water I drank… So much water.  But I met my goal and that’s all that matters.

66) Midori To-Go Bag – What’s a girl to do when she wants to journal on the go?  Find a supply tote!  I sold Thirty-One Gifts a while ago and have a lot of bags that need a purpose.  This one was just perfect for my pens, stamps and washi tape.

67) New Midori Accessory – I placed another MTN order (obsessed much?) and got these brass darts page markers.  They’re so shiny.  Who wouldn’t love them?

68) Happy Little Stamps – As you may know, I’m participating in the Well With Water challenge (sign up today) and I needed a way to track my water intake.  I started with small boxes and filling them in.   Then I was drawing water drops.  Remember yesterday when I told you I had a large-ish stamp collection?  I dug through it and found a small fish stamp!  Perfect for water tracking!

69) Treasured – A work friend of mine had some inspirational/motivational posters she was giving out.  I am treasured.  The poster and friend told me so =)

70) Delayed Start –  What’s better than going to work on an early, cold, snowy Friday morning?  Getting to go back to bed because it’s too cold and snowy out!  I woke up to a text message from my boss Friday morn saying the office would be opening a few hours late due to weather.  Back to bed I went!

Thanks for being happy with me and check out other happy weeks.

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